people are not gonna like you because you’re gay

ya know,
i could sit here and font about a male.
pick any male.
once i font about him,
he’s instantly in google.
i could font about all his career aspirations,
how fine af he is,
and guess what?
some of them still won’t respect me because i’m gay.
being gay to some is lower than being a criminal.
it use to bug me,
but now i realize:

I got something out of it just as much as they did

i changed my perspective so it doesn’t bother me as much.
i’ve become a lot more selfish with what i gaf about.
one of my foxholers hit me up in dms about an encounter on POF…

if you don’t know what POF is,
it’s “plenty of fish” which happens to be an online dating app.
some jackal sent the following to them the other day:

oral king?
“i keep shit gee”?

…and naturally,
he was hurt by it.
i told them he needs to EXPECT it.
not everyone is going to like you because you’re gay,
or both.
you can be gay with plenty of swag,
nice ass clothes and dope crib,
but someone will despise you because of your sexuality.
that’s the reality.
this isn’t a forest of sugar plums and chocolate drops.
some folks in the real world don’t like things they can’t understand.
that’s called “ignorance” and some are soaked in it.
so i choose to realize not everyone will like me for me.
it’s so much more freeing.
i don’t expect everyone to like me or the foxhole.
i certainly don’t like most straights “just because”.

these days,
i’m not so sensitive about random shit.
i use to be real heavy.
the forests have gotten so ignorant,
especially with this asshole in office,
that i’ve come to expect ignorance.

I enjoy being shocked now

when folks respect me,
or fight for me,
i can font you right now that’s when i let my guard down.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “people are not gonna like you because you’re gay”

  1. So true, that’s honestly why I don’t really obsess over random guys online because I feel like they are probably homophobic lol. It’s plenty of gay men online who are beautiful but nobody cares because people are obsessed over straight men. The whole “is he gay or DL?” Thing is boring now.

  2. I love this and AGREE! It’s unhealthy to constantly look around at the mouth that doesn’t feed you but some gays subconsciously still wish they were “straight” or treated straight sadly. I seen this guy on my TL saying he hates “sissy voices” I was like oh wow lol. But yes I have to agree with Jason as well ^^^ it’s many gay men who aren’t stunt queens (onlyfans,pornstars, ass out, oiled up, thirst trapping, etc) that look good and are successful. All this made me realize as a lgbtqlmnoz community we gotta support our own.

  3. Sending that message was so unnecessary, he probably got pissed because he got turned on looking at his photos. Men who go to those extremes have something to hide (IMO).

  4. I honestly think it’s an age thing. As I’m getting older, only 23 mind you, I care less about stuff like this because it happens constantly. Exposure therapy.

    Like what’s really good wit you my nigga? You sent a direct message? You can’t impress a crowd with a DM, so either he’s taking it personal or he’s attracted.

    Foxholer if you’re black it could be playing a part. He rubs me as a guy that needs to hear “everybody wants to be black, but nobody wants to be black.”

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