the hyena who used rat poison as his weapon with racism

how can you tell you are being poisoned?
that’s a good question.
i’m sure the weeks of illness is the first clue.
yukai yang,
^the hyena in the above picture,
thought he’d poison his black roommate and get away with it.
think again.
i was absolutely horrified at this story via “raw story”

A Pennsylvania chemistry student has been charged with attempted murder after he was accused of trying to slowly poison his African-American roommate.

Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli announced on Thursday that Yukai Yang, a 22 year-old Chinese national attending Lehigh University, was facing charges after his black roommate discovered the poisoning, according to WNBC.

Yang faced earlier charges of ethnic intimidation because he was accused of scrawling racist graffiti, including the N-word, on his roommate’s belongings.

WNBC reported:

As police continued to investigate, they noticed the victim, a senior at the time, appeared to be sick. The victim told police that he had been ill for some time and contacted law enforcement officials in March after uncontrollably vomiting. During that time, police officers were called to his room on multiple occasions and found a racially-charged note on the victim’s desk.

Blood tests found increased levels of thallium in the victim. The chemical was used as a rat and ant poison in the United States before being banned.

Yang later admitted that he had purchased thallium online and planned to use it on himself if his grades faltered.

The victim, who was a senior at the time, has graduated but continues to suffer “ill effects of the thallium poisoning,” WNBC said.

off with his head!!!

how you gonna be here on a student visa being a racist pos?
they shouldn’t even send his ass back.
he should go to a prison out here for his crimes.
that is disgusting.
i wouldn’t have been mad if the black student put paws on him.
i woulda been whopped his ass for disrespecting my property.
he would’ve definitely have had reason to try poisoning me.
i hope the black student has a speedy recovery and tremendous blessings ahead.

lowkey: the first sign of a sickness not going away,
head to the doctor and have tests done.

article: raw story

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “the hyena who used rat poison as his weapon with racism”

  1. Black people don’t have no friends. This is the perfect example of that statement. If he is here on a student visa, that means that he is from a foreign country. I’m assuming he is Asian. What real motivation did he have to poison his black roommate? The majority of Asian countries are homogenous. What real interaction has he had with black people in his home country? Some of these fuckin ppl don’t even know why they hate us.

    But maybe I’m over analyzing the situation….🙄

  2. Wooow…absoluately infreakincredible… it’s one thing to have to deal w/ homegrown oxygen bandits, but to have to deal w/ imported ones is beyond the pale… I’ve spoken to a few W. African peeps about how the Chinese investors and contractors have come to Africa and str8 disrespecting the people and treatin’ them like shit…colorism is biiiig deal in most parts of Asia as much as it is ova here, and perhaps even more so b/c there are more homogeneous regions than here.

  3. Wait…did it say HOW that dude poisoned him, or did I miss it? Like did he slip it in his drink or food or something? Either way, thats fucked up…smh. Racism at its finest. I would rather u just get another roommate if you gonna do all that, lol

  4. Alao add to the list: Indonesians and Middle Easterners can be racist. Well, anyone can but some M.E. have this sense of superiority they carry alone with them.

    Now I tend to have a thing for some M.E. as they can be fine and not all are racists, (just thots..)

    Asians can be pretty racist despite them being very close to Blacks genetically. It’s all about the white influences though. Some fair skin & some white people promote themselves as superior & as if we OWE them something. You’ll see this with the fair skinned Latinos, and other foreigners too.

    Also pay attention to how stores in or near the hood are own by Asians or Middle Easterners.

    You have other folks from other countries that come here & get benefits you don’t even have.or have to work 10 times as harder to obtain.

    Let this been the other way around, and the black man did that in China, probably would have executed his butt.

  5. I hate this. Why can’t we just all get along. I never really understood why one poc be racist towards another poc. Its beyond dumb. Direct that energy towards the ones who don’t want you in this country. Sad to say the same goes for some Latinos. Not all but alot even some of a darker hue. I heard alot of people say how they are catching it in LA, FL, and NY with that group. From pushing them out of jobs, lying on them to management, get them fired and only hiring there own. Yet ppl run up and down the street advocating for open borders. Be careful with this group NOT ALL but most are not to be trust. When called out on it they lie and deflect and always hit them with the every race has racist line. No be you come for my bag the gauntlet coming off. I think this is a topic that should really be talked about more. Ppl becoming way to comfortable with others who see them as there enemy once again not all but some. Learn who truly for vs who isn’t. What are others perspective on this particular topic?

  6. All these motherfucking foreigners come over here and look down on us blacks!! We were here first you son of a bitches!! I DON’T LIKE THEM!!! I want to be perfectly clear, they come in our neighborhoods and set up shop, but don’t do anything to help the community where they make their money. We need to stick together black people because they don’t give a damn about us.

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