this is what you tweet after he beat your shit up last night

social media always brings out the best in the attentionistos and nistas.
it’s a place where we can do/say things that will causes controversy,
but end up apologizing when a good dragging commences.
i hate,
when i follow someone who i think is interesting and they turn out to be ignorant.
it’s those first few tweets.
i see all your shit and then i’m hit with utter nonsense.
so i started following this vixen she-jackal because i liked her commentary.
oomf retweeted something she posted and i was interested in her timeline.
she seemed like the type to speak her mind so i was like cool.
well she posted and deleted this today…

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people are not gonna like you because you’re gay

ya know,
i could sit here and font about a male.
pick any male.
once i font about him,
he’s instantly in google.
i could font about all his career aspirations,
how fine af he is,
and guess what?
some of them still won’t respect me because i’m gay.
being gay to some is lower than being a criminal.
it use to bug me,
but now i realize:

I got something out of it just as much as they did

i changed my perspective so it doesn’t bother me as much.
i’ve become a lot more selfish with what i gaf about.
one of my foxholers hit me up in dms about an encounter on POF…

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Line Up In Order of “Ignorance” and “Set Us Back”

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.26.23 AM

why is ^this ignorance even okay?
so ^this is the new popular meme degrading black vixens!
i guess this is the “memorial day weekend” edition.
sadly the most retweets/jokes are from black hyenas.
here is an example of another…
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These Pineapples Never Cease To Amaze Me

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.09.51 PMi saw this on tumblr just now and had to shake my head.
how disgusting is this?
these pineapples nowadays are just…
i can understand people having a particular preference,
but when it turns into ignorance,
it’s really quite sad.
i’ve yet to see a snow wolf diss a snow bunny without
blue eyes or blonde hair
that should tell you something.
hate to bust bubbles tho but to a majority of the whites,
we all one beautiful shade of “nigger”.
doesn’t matter if you’re light skin,
date snow bunnies,
or graduated with a 4.0 gpa.
am i right or am i wrong?

lowkey: is dark skin really that bad?
i know some fly dark skin sistas who put light skin chicks to shame.
i must be the only one who actually likes a dark skin wolf too.

found: kobe tyrant

WORLD AIDS DAY (The Foxhole Town Hall Announcement)

today is a very important day.
world aids day.
we living in this lifestyle think this is a joke or not to be taken seriously.
but, it isn’t funny or something that shouldn’t be glossed over because it’s scary.
aids is wiping us out.
it is killing us by the dozens.
i have met so many people who are now HIV+ this year alone.
some are still living their lives,
others are still being hoes and not telling their partners.

pornos are cute with the raw sex and i will admit,
i like to watch.
but when it comes to sticking your meat in me,
you WILL wrap up that kielbasa to go.
i don’t care how fine you are or how much money you have.
i love me too much.
i don’t like crunchy meat to start with.
plus, my parents warned me about putting raw meat in my mouth.

not every sausage that looks tasty is goof for you.

it is sad and absolutely disgusting how careless we can be.
just imagine the wolf you are talking to now,
had sex with someone the night before,
who had sex with hybrid who is HIV+ days ago.
just passing diseases left and right.
that train of carelessness now has reached you.
an innocent bystander…

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