this is what you tweet after he beat your shit up last night

social media always brings out the best in the attentionistos and nistas.
it’s a place where we can do/say things that will causes controversy,
but end up apologizing when a good dragging commences.
i hate,
when i follow someone who i think is interesting and they turn out to be ignorant.
it’s those first few tweets.
i see all your shit and then i’m hit with utter nonsense.
so i started following this vixen she-jackal because i liked her commentary.
oomf retweeted something she posted and i was interested in her timeline.
she seemed like the type to speak her mind so i was like cool.
well she posted and deleted this today…

why would you associate something good with that picture?
if a wolf put a beatin’ on my tail the night before,
i would never think to associate it with a domestic violence survivor.
i could be wrong,
but some shit i wouldn’t post.

How far is your  “doing too much” meter?

there is “lets see what i can do for attention” and “i’m a dumb ass“.
needless to font,
i quickly un-followed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “this is what you tweet after he beat your shit up last night”

  1. Yeah.. This is NOT acceptable. We must have rules ,or we are no different than “Animals” .She is a Foul, beast for this. Men and Woman are abused !!

  2. Of all gif’s to use, she couldn’t use the one of Martin when he got beat in the fight and his head was swollen? She couldn’t use the one where Will was at the bowling alley and the guy punched him? She couldn’t use Ice Cube or Deebo from Friday? Hell she could’ve used Lucky and Chicago fighting from Poetic Justice!

  3. How insensitive can you be towards victims of domestic violence? I wonder if people actually use their minds to think before they say things like this, maybe not.

  4. Totally ignorant and insensitive! Use a volcano overflowing or somebody turning multiple backflips, anything but glorifying violence against (another) women or anyone else. Clearly she was so whooped by that good D she lost all good sense but then I wonder if she ever really had it.

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