ime udoka was giving the penis at the celtics, huh?

everyone is always shocked when beautiful people get cheated on.
my next question:

“So only ugly people are supposed to get cheated on?”

they say people cheat the most at their jobs.
i can attest to being a witness to that.
boston celtics coach,
ime udoka,
wanted a taste of forbidden work pussy.
he didn’t bother to fill in his longtime partner,
nia long,
of his plans until shit hit the fan yesterday…

this is the alleged work pussy in question.
he was smashin the vp of finance as well.
her name is kathleen nimmo lynch and she married as well:

and another:

a white vixen risking it all for some black penis?

i’m sure there are more.
this is a messy ass situation and i am into it!!!!!!
ime dick was for everyone.
i mean i get it.
he is a fine ex-baller wolf turned coach.

one that aged pretty well for 45 and probably has game on and off the court.
he had enough game to bag nia long.
it was probably easy to talk vixens out of their panties at work.
when you have money,
and you look good
here is the thing:

We spend most of our time at work.
We see our colleagues more than our friends and family.
Folks start working together,
mingling while doing projects together,
and getting to know each other.
When people are unhappy at home,
they start to look elsewhere.
When people are serial cheaters,
especially in power positions,
Work dick/Work Pussy are the easiest things to acquire.

i’m lowkey impressed he was smashin’ vixens on “his level” tho.
we haven’t heard of the intern or the secrartay coming out with a story yet.
some males tend to go lower and risk it all.
he had a roster of two of the vps.
triflin’ af but kudos

lowkey: i am curious as to how he got caught.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “ime udoka was giving the penis at the celtics, huh?”

  1. When I just Googled Allison Feaster I see a sports reporter tweeted this morning that a source within the Celtics said Allison, the black woman whose name has been dragged through the mud,was not involved in this.She is NOT one of the married staffers he was involved with.I bet her social media comments are in shambles.SMH

  2. I knew she would look like ‘THAT”.

    Poor Nia. Just embarrassing all the way around. Let him stay with scum. She can have her pick of true “Kings”.

    1. I feel for Nia Long. She has a son with this baller wolf ho and even packed up her old home and moved to Boston to look at new houses AFTER he’d been busted for this, because he kept her in the dark till the last minute! Talk about total humiliation verging on cruelty. She ought to sue him for every dime he’s worth.

  3. Ime is definitely suspended for 1 year for fucking his boss wife. I’m sure they are looking for a replacement as we speak. Its bad enough you lost the Championship but you looking at Nia funny when Nelly went to hug her. Allegedly the boss wife been fucking him for a minute. If the Organization advised him to stop multiple times, his players definitely knew as well. Nia not a punk tho, she beat her other baby daddy up and got banned from a prestigious spot. Ime gave her a baby so now she is a single mom of 2. I guess she was right not to rush to the altar. Nine years later and you find out your son’s father is fucking the boss wife. Sounds like somebody black and a woman let it out because it wasn’t right he all in Nia face in public but in the boss wife face when Nia and the camera’s gone.

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