Is Nicki Minaj A Strong Black Vixen… Or A Raging Bitch?

did anyone catch her show last night?
well if you didn’t…
i got you.

hold on nicki.
don’t kiss ass yet.
they didn’t watch


well she came off really kinda…. negative, didn’t she?

does she have fun?
because this show did not make her look fun to hang with.
she came off low key insecure too.

even gawker had something to say about her show:

Last night, E! premiered the first episode of the three-part mini-reality series Nicki Minaj: My Truth, which chronicles the pop star/rapper’s recording of her upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded rerelease, the prep for her first wide-scale tour and the first days of her (supposedly tumultuous) stint as an American Idol judge.

At every turn, we saw Nicki be one of two things: a whining, demanding diva over the most frivolous things (clothes, for example) or an egomaniac convinced that she is doing so much for the world (she called her Pink Friday fragrance a “milestone for hip-hop”). Ninety percent of what she says is in a cranky croak and she smiles only occasionally. She seems like the last person you’d ever want to spend time with.

Ironically, that is what makes My Truth fascinating and watchable — she’s a superstar exhibiting reality TV-level bad behavior. At a time when celebrities are so careful, so publicly scrubbed, so seemingly afraid of their truth (see Katy Perry’s milquetoast documentary from earlier this year), Nicki Minaj is making a production out of her warts.

And this is what actually made the show — I would love to see what sort of damning footage was forbidden from airing. I haven’t seen an honest of a portrayal of a pop diva since Madonna: Truth or Dare. The major difference is that Madonna’s sense of humor could often soften her assiness (making it something nearly aspirational), whereas Nicki doesn’t quite have a grasp on how to mix divadom with wit (and that’s something her supposed adversary, Mariah Carey, at least attempts by playing a cartoon diva who actually really is as demanding as she thinks she’s exaggerating). However, I did like when she dismissed someone’s opinion on fashion because he rocked a “jean vest.” Then later in the episode, Perez Hilton showed up wearing a denim vest.

It may not be admirable, but Nicki Minaj: My Truth was never, ever boring. It’s a fantastic addition to the increasingly wussy celebreality genre.


i don’t know how SB deals with her.
lowkey: l’d let him get a lick tho.
he is cute.

but, she looks like a handful.
she was complaining every other scene.
although i know another wolf out here who looks exactly like him.
but i gotta ask you guys…

What did you think of Nicki’s show?

lowkey: it needs to be longer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Is Nicki Minaj A Strong Black Vixen… Or A Raging Bitch?”

  1. Ugh i hate that you post her so much, she is such a arrogant self absorbed rude cunt that makes horrible music and clones Lil Kim. Why people over the age of ten like her i’ll never know.

  2. Truth be told is any artist ever happy at the top. I mean maybe Bey and Jay but a lot of these artist are truly unhappy … I’m honestly happy for Nicki but … I thought she was just super negative in the show … I think she has good intentions but a bad outcome … Jamari u kno niggas is stressful in the entertainment industry niggas will make u drive up the wall …. I worked with a under ground and boy will I tell u his manager was hand full … Nigga !!! I mean he was super cool but she just this nigga was fuckin usher and c breezy mixed together …. It was sooo annoying ….

    1. ^i agree thick.
      i can see where you and frosty are coming from.
      as a vixen,
      she may need to be more out spoken especially in this entertainment industry.
      i also see why sb is always with her.

  3. Idk. If it was a man, everything would be all good and everyone would give him his props but since it’s a female everyone wants to call her a cunt, a bitch etc etc etc. Plus editing goes a long way so we have no idea what really went down. I thought her little temper tantrums were funny though. You also have to put yourself in HER shoes. She has to do so much stuff in so little time. Wouldn’t you be a little cranky if everyone around you was fucking up and not listening to you? She’s got more patience than me cuz had it been me, I would have pulled a Naomi Campbell and started beating every mothafuckas ass with a cell phone.

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