even though colton underwood is getting dragged, he came out on top? (netflix)

so this colton underwood story took a turn really quickly.
he did quite a lot in his “straight” life with his ex,
cassie randolph.
i mean he played the role quite well:


he was accused of stalking and being a real creep to her via “x us weekly“:

Underwood, 29, and Randolph, 25, began dating during season 23 of The Bachelor, which aired in 2019. They announced their split in May 2020, and she subsequently filed for a restraining order against him in September 2020, claiming that he put a tracking device on her car. He denied her allegations, and the restraining order was dropped in November 2020.

he has since apologized to cassie about his behavior.
 this is the part that made me eye-roll about this whole thing…

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i love a good and sexy bisexual (ryan cleary is that good and sexy bisexual)

nothing better than a good and sexy bisexual.
i call them appetizers before you find your true meal.
so i would always see ^this wolf’s pics all over tumblr.
i thought he was cute af,
but of course,
i never got his name.
well his name is ryan cleary,
he’s from england,
and he’s bi.

a bisexual-bisexual from his own lips.
he is also a big reality star in his country too.
well ryan is on a new reality show in england called “the bi life”,
the show in which he came out on.
this is his intro videos sent from one of my foxholers today…
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randy bowden jr is coming hard this october

randy bowden jr had the best “sauna” videos i’ve seen.
he would take video clips,
fresh off from working out,
in nothing but a towel.
  his bawdy…
his bawdy…

so randy has been on his modelling hustle for a while.
i am a lowkey lurker in his forest.
 randy will be coming to your tv screens in october.

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Jon Moody Is Going To Give Us Much More of Him

jon moody is my arsty bae.
i think he is sexy af and his bawdy is a teenage dream.
i like that we don’t know much about him besides:

a) that chest situation
b) that muscle tail situation
c) his arts situation

well jon wants us to get to know him a lot better.
you ask?
reality tv.
jon will be starring on “southern charm new orleans” on bravo.
this is the trailer
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Can We Talk About Devante’s P*nis?

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i just had to be blunt with it.
you know i don’t care.
so a foxholer sent me a clip from a reality show called “ibiza weekender”.
i’ve never heard of it.
well in a clip circulating online,
  “devante” made his entrance as naked as he was born.
foxhole via “cocktails and cocktalk”
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Tremaine Neverson Has A Strong Back (and I’m Lovin It)

the foxhole knows i lust luh me some tremaine neverson.
trey songz for the “who?” out there.
they will send me an update with the quickness about him.
you already know what i like to see.
so tremaine is in,
week 4 of his faux reality show?
we have arrived at the sex portion of the program.
it had to cum sometime.
get it?
well an f-bi sent me some bts of what to expect…
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