i love a good and sexy bisexual (ryan cleary is that good and sexy bisexual)

nothing better than a good and sexy bisexual.
i call them appetizers before you find your true meal.
so i would always see ^this wolf’s pics all over tumblr.
i thought he was cute af,
but of course,
i never got his name.
well his name is ryan cleary,
he’s from england,
and he’s bi.

a bisexual-bisexual from his own lips.
he is also a big reality star in his country too.
well ryan is on a new reality show in england called “the bi life”,
the show in which he came out on.
this is his intro videos sent from one of my foxholers today…

i meannnnn…..

“hi ryan”.
i’d love to be all over this on his next layover in new yawk:

well ryan’s coming out seems to be the whole talk,
especially when it was revealed he was dating this snow vixen:


one of my english foxholers came through with ryan’s dossier.
as soon as i posted about him ( x on ig ),
i got hit with the dm.
a little alleged bts on ryan:

  • ryan been to a ton black gay events in london
  • his former fuck buddies claim he’s really gay and not bi
  • his favorite gay club of choice is called “heaven”
  • would turn up on carribean night
  • he’s one of the few mixed race gays in the uk that has a strong preference for black males

*runs to get freshened up*

  • when the show started filming, he took down his grindr page
  • he’s a wolf/hybrid (top/vers)
  • all the males he has messed, and are cussin’ him out for this new role, all have “fox” on their grindr page
  • jamari fox is interested in visiting that english meat market

that last one was my thought.
ryan is about to get an influx of more sex he can imagine.
you can’t just come out,
looking like that,
and expect folks not to start talking/wanting a piece.
he seems like he has a real messy past tho.
i’m sure we are in store for much much more.
stay tuned.
you can see more about “the bi life” on ( x e news ).

lowkey: a majority of these attentionistos are bi.
a ton of male celebs are bi.
that’s quite alright with me.
i’m all for a sexy bi to keep my foxtail warm until…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “i love a good and sexy bisexual (ryan cleary is that good and sexy bisexual)”

  1. He’s very attractive & I love his accent. It’s refreshing to see someone openly into guys & especially a black guy into black guys 🙌🏾

  2. he’s one of the few mixed race gays in the uk that has a strong preference for black males

    Um..I don’t know what guys you know..but Biracial Guys are more into Black guys than actual Black Guys. Black guys, especially the darker-skinned ones are gunning for the mixed guys who look like Dudley O’Shaughnessy. Lighter guys in my experience want darker guys. The colorstruck ones won’t admit it and say they wont date anyone darker than a paper bag, but cheat on their Light/Asian/Exotic/etc boyfriend/husband with a darker man.
    The lightbrights/biracial ones who aren’t colorstruck only go for Darker men.
    The same goes for other races. The “turning their nose at Black men” is for show in front of White people/in public. The media would have you believe that Michael Jackson nosed-Caitlyn Jenner-Cheek Boned blue-eyed blond haired guys are the most desirable man.

    Just how masc for masc guys are secretly fem, lighter guys usually want darker-skinned men (and women).
    I’m darker than Djimon Hounsou and get no play from men my complexion but Asian/Mixed/White guys demand my attention. Holding out hope for a darker guy but as I get older, I might just settle for a Chris Brown lookalike.

    1. It’s very true that most people of one complexion are generally attracted to the opposite (light liking dark or dark liking light). It is rare to find them attracted to the same complexion.
      It happens, but who knows how often, because you don’t see it much…and that’s in all relationships whether straight/gay/bi, not just gay or bi.

      1. I’m dark skin but actually prefer brown skin the most. But life is more about who makes you get an erection. And yeah, opposites attract all the time. Psychology says we seek out people who look like us or our parents, subconciously. I disagree. I am attracted to guys with different features than mine.

    2. “The “turning their nose at Black men” is for show in front of White people/in public.”

      So they diss and ignore black people in public and only acknowledge us in private? That’s not what I would consider love. Light skin men wanting to have sex with dark skin men in private but hiding it from the public is not love. Sex and love are two different things

      1. It’s not love. It’s fetishizing and lust. My point is there are enough Biracial men who actually want relationships and love with darker men. The simplest way to put it is biracial men see White and other guys that look like them..as their brother. Darker skintones get their juices flowing.

  3. I’m really starting to believe some celebs are bi. A certain someone added me on snap asking me how I found his private snap, asked me for a pic, and then said “cakes…” 😱😱

    1. Some???? Do you know how many have liked my stuff? I never DMed them because I didn’t know who was watching. DM me first. I refuse to be a groupie.

      1. LOL..all you gotta say is the right word(s) and these dudes will talk to you.
        some of them come across rude initially, but u say the right things (stroke that ego) and watch how fast they drop their guard!
        They THINK they’re running the show…but they’re not.

  4. Wow I’ve seen him on the gram and I’m stun…..I would have never thought this of him. He’s probably the male attentinisto norm. One who’s posted on here dm and pretty much reveal how he rolls and want me to come to L.A. another one has a thot page fucking females on Pornhub, who also now does naked sip in paints….is trying to freak with me while he’s in town.

    Its so many dudes out here experimented especially the hood wolf variety. If u dont believe me get a POF account and venture on the straight side.

    1. ^”another one has a thot page fucking females on Pornhub, who also now does naked sip in paints….is trying to freak with me while he’s in town. ”

      wait what???????????????????
      i’ve been hearing a ton of rumors bout that one.

  5. I normally reserve my comments about dudes on your site Jamari cause they be them ole peanut head gym rats..lol..but ya know..you did nice with this one. I feel a tingle on the inside looking at him as my hubby pepping over here asking what I’m looking at??

    Unm Nothin!!!!🤤 😐😒

  6. First off, I love the whole light skin vs. dark skin debate; but I have a real question is… bisexuality really a thing.
    I know what the definition is and of course you can have a man getting vagina on Monday and receive oral sex from another male on Tuesday but in terms of an actual intimate relationship I have never seen one. I have never seen a male with a woman holding hands, going out on a date, taking pictures etc. break up and then the next time you see them they are doing the same thing with a male. At best I’ve seen a woman be in a relationship with a male in high school you see them years later in their adulthood and now they are with a woman; but when they are with that woman they are continuously in relationships with other woman moving forward … so does that make her bisexual or does that make her someone who just embraced their homosexuality later in life. In terms of dating do you ever see the constant back and forth to justify the definition of bisexual.

  7. Damn, there goes my best kept secret lol I swear you and Kelz always get my good ones 😂😂 I think I have some throwback sexy shots of him I’ll send them over

  8. Hes actually a really nice guy who is just living his best life, always super nice when I have bumped into him and hasn’t changed from the 17 year old i used to chat to on BGC (showing my age)

  9. He isn’t a big reality star here lol. He’s just another reality show contestant that has been on a reality show. But most people don’t know him & he lives pretty regular compared to bigger reality stars in the UK.

    I saw him at a Festival in London (Wireless) a few months ago. He was walking around shirtless. Let me tell you he is FINE in person. That body and that complexion (he had a tan at the time so he looked brown) Wow.

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