if only we could have fathers like judge mathis

i’ll never forget an incident as an 8-year-old inĀ  barbados.
one of my father’s friends commented i was “soft“.
it really hurt my feelings and of course,
he blamed it on being raised by my grandmother and mother.
when i told him how it made me feel when we reconnected,
and how he never defended me at that moment,
he legit brushed it off but told me how hurt he was that i was gay.
the same father that said he didn’t want to call my phone because:

“I didn’t want the man you might be with to beat you up because another man was calling you.”

If only we could have fathers like Judge Mathis

he has a new show on e! called mathis family matters.
when you watch stuff like this with his son,
greg mathis jr…

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i love a good and sexy bisexual (ryan cleary is that good and sexy bisexual)

nothing better than a good and sexy bisexual.
i call them appetizers before you find your true meal.
so i would always see ^this wolf’s pics all over tumblr.
i thought he was cute af,
but of course,
i never got his name.
well his name is ryan cleary,
he’s from england,
and he’s bi.

a bisexual-bisexual from his own lips.
he is also a big reality star in his country too.
well ryan is on a new reality show in england called “the bi life”,
the show in which he came out on.
this is his intro videos sent from one of my foxholers today…
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I Am… Cancelled?

tumblr_static_1dwhoqsy6t6sgw0k4w80w0ocki guess all ya’ll are over caitlyn jenner.
it seems her dreams of overtaking “the kardashians” might be over.
her reality show,
“i am cait”,
allegedly isn’t doing well.
at all.
allegedly headed towards cancellation.
this is what the inquisitr had to say…

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