Jayceon Taylor Loves To Kiss and Tell While Sober

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-19-42-am…so i thought jayceon taylor aka the game didn’t snitch?
why is he doing all this talking now?
jayceon also wanted to also break the net today.
so he has a song called “sauce” where he said in a verse:

“i used to f*** bitches that usher raymond passed off/
Then I f***ed three kardashians,
hold that thought.”

he went on “the wendy williams show” and she wanted the dirt.
so she played a game with him and this is what he insinuated

starts @9:00:

khloe kardashian
kim kardashian
blac chyna

well if he allegedly fucked them the way he did in that sex tape

kim-kardashian-hollywood-app-charge-kid-a-lot-of-moneythat was a lot of “turned off” with that kissing and telling jayceon.
plus it happened on “wendy” of all things.
let’s hope this was a pr stunt to take away the attention of that tape.
if not,
the “L” this year for jayceon is getting bigger and bigger.

lowkey: well…
at least he supports black rights issues…

15 thoughts on “Jayceon Taylor Loves To Kiss and Tell While Sober

  1. Who cares if he smashed any of the Kardashians? Who hasn’t at this point? We all know The Game is just spilling all of this for attention. I cannot wait until his 15 minutes to be up too.

  2. I’m glad ya’ll dragging him. Tired of these dudes constantly displaying messy behavior but getting a pass because they’re “straight”.

  3. I never seen any men as gossipy and bitchy as him and 50cent who are suppose to be Str8, they both act like messy Club Queens who are happy that they dont have to sneak out their Mama’s house to go to the Club anymore. The Game can say whatever the hell he wants, his credibility is SHOT! That sex tape has sealed the deal for him, it has everyone talking and not in a good way. All his bravado and he fucks like a 15 year old Virgin. I am beginning to think all those IG Eggplant photo’s were photoshopped he posted. The only Kardashian he Fked was probably Caitlyn Kardashian-Jenner. I wish this pineapple would take a long hiatus.

  4. He does more than support black rights issues, he’s pretty active in organizing movements and such out here. But not many people talk about that when a sextape or some chain snatching is out there.

    1. Why talk about his alleged “activism” when he is more concerned about his ongoing internet cat-fights with other grown men? This man brings all the bad publicity to himself. He is just another Chris Brown in the making. This man continued posting about Meek Mill even after the shootings took place despite the fact that Meek Mill deleted the posts about him & decided to speak on the shootings. The Game is lame.

  5. From the confusing beef with meek mill to the horrible “sex tape” to gossiping with Wendy on tv he is officially off my list lol.

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