are we ready for “the game”… but the 2021 version?

i remember how obsessed i was with the game when it first came out.
i watched it religiously.
you know i was stupid addicted to all things baller wolves and that lifestyle.
they had a shit ton of reboots with all kinds of cast members coming in and out.
one of the reboots was where we discovered a future lawrence played by jay ellis.

i thought the show had ended for good,
but one of my homewolves sent me this today:

with this trailer

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Jayceon Taylor Loves To Kiss and Tell While Sober

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-19-42-am…so i thought jayceon taylor aka the game didn’t snitch?
why is he doing all this talking now?
jayceon also wanted to also break the net today.
so he has a song called “sauce” where he said in a verse:

“i used to f*** bitches that usher raymond passed off/
Then I f***ed three kardashians,
hold that thought.”

he went on “the wendy williams show” and she wanted the dirt.
so she played a game with him and this is what he insinuated
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That Time Jayceon Taylor Kissed His Daughter

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.52.44 PMoh jayceon taylor…
  i was actually very shocked you showed empathy to #orlando.
so jayceon taylor,
aka the game,
is getting sided eyed for this ig picture with his cub and him…
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Chris Brown Gets Accused of Being Gay By Association

tumblr_o7yzjzgC7V1u2r94mo1_500remember when i use to call him “breezy wolf”?
good times.
chris brown,

always a favorite in the foxhole,
was called “gay” today.
i mean,
unlike any other days he has been called “gay”,
this reason was rather interesting.
so chris is collaborating with nike and olivier rousteing for the “nikelab collection”,
football nouveau line.
oliver is the head designer of balmain.
look him up.

well he went to the cité universitaire in paris,
where the event was held,
and did some photo-ops with oliver like so…
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Jayceon Taylor Got Eggplant and a Bigger Wolf Tail?

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 7.15.54 PMso the f-bi sent me this shot of foxhole fav,
jayceon taylor.

when did he get this stacked?
squats much?
i also saw this one on tumblr…
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