Chris Brown Gets Accused of Being Gay By Association

tumblr_o7yzjzgC7V1u2r94mo1_500remember when i use to call him “breezy wolf”?
good times.
chris brown,

always a favorite in the foxhole,
was called “gay” today.
i mean,
unlike any other days he has been called “gay”,
this reason was rather interesting.
so chris is collaborating with nike and olivier rousteing for the “nikelab collection”,
football nouveau line.
oliver is the head designer of balmain.
look him up.

well he went to the cité universitaire in paris,
where the event was held,
and did some photo-ops with oliver like so…

he better.
that fox dropped stacks in your bank account.
well as soon as the photos came out,
baller alert posted them to their instagram.
it lead to social media screaming:


le sigh.
chris and jayceon taylor aka the game,
decided to clap back in the comments via baller alert:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.42.49 AM

the animals of every forest are so ignorant nowadays.
they do realize this is why homophobia exists in the black community,
we never gonna get “this” right.
two snow animals,
one gay and one straight,
can pose together and it be on some “u n i t y” shit.
i hope these animals realize chris has posed next to secret gays/bis before.
ones wearing “masculine” fur,
had hoes as “props”,
and throwing up hood sign language.
5bze6ejust a massive fyi.
these are the ads chris is featured in for the “nikelab” campaign.
i added another shot of oliver and chris together as well:

can i be 100?
i don’t like how pronounced his cheekbones are these days.
get that “nike” money tho chris:

tumblr_o7x4uqpqj51u2r94mo1_250 tumblr_o7x4uqpqj51u2r94mo2_250

lowkey: *crosses fingers chris can be good for this summer*
well good to know chris wouldn’t throw a shoe at me if i came around.
…i hope.

pictures credited: chris brown | mike piasecki/anthony ghnassia for wire image | tumblr

x read more about the nikelab collection

13 thoughts on “Chris Brown Gets Accused of Being Gay By Association

  1. I’m not feeling Chris’ cheekbones either, but he’s still hello sexy. Love the gif with M.C. Debra & Kelly Miza..

  2. Probably the only thing Chris has ever said that I agree with him. WOW…look at what maturity can do. Keep this up Chirs I may even start to listen to your music once again

  3. I still amazes me how black people still feel they hold the patent on oppression. Chris takes a pic with the first BLACK MAN hold the reigns at Balmain who happens to be gay and hell breaks loose. Now his gay by proxy. In 2016 black still have this narrow perception of black male masculinity and its pathetic. If you not calling gay men fags, or keeping uncomfortable distance from them in public, u must be gay too. White males entertainers can befriend, hug and kiss on other gay celebs and it barely makes news.

    1. I guess you didn’t notice that the people who made those comments were not black and you should be careful about wanting to blame the black community. The sad part is that there are many people in other ethnics groups that have a lot of homophobes and you should do your research about other groups that have committed homicides that were secretly gay and bashed and spilled hate to others in the LGBTQ community.

    2. Why do white people like you come here if you have such a disdain for BLACK PEOPLE? I guess you can’t let go of your fetish for black men.

  4. I’m so glad Chris and The Game responded in this way because when I saw this post pop up in my e-mail I was a little nervous to proceed. (Cuz we know how he can be). do you know who where rocking nose rings , ripped skinny jeans and a long line shirts like two years ago. They wait until it becomes mainstream and the same gays they are hating on have been rockin it forever.

    P.S. olivier rousteing Is like the definition of a pretty boy. Lips, cheekbones, style, and he’s French i’m jealous lol.

  5. What makes me laugh is the vast majority of homophobes seek validation by wearing designer clothes that were designed by GAY men. They spend their last DIME to cop the soonest Versace, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Balmain etc.

    You look stupid, spending your rent money & giving it to the pockets of the people you hate so much. Their self-worth is based on the expensive clothing designed by these gay men. You see all these rappers raping about Celine, Alexander Wang, Dolce & Gabbana etc. Baby these designers are ALL GAY! The homophobes will deal!

  6. *sigh*
    People are so confused and uncomfortable with their own sexuality and masculinity (or lack therof) that they make every effort to criticize anyone that doesn’t fit into their little box. It’s annoying af

      1. Right. If it was a picture of two women tongue kissing, nobody would have an issue.

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