i liked august alsina before he lost his mind.
his lips
that voice
that penis

he let “september” take the wheel and hasn’t stopped driving.
he was fine and talented enough to be a legit big deal.
somewhere he went left and he has become…

he might have decided to chime in on this whole will smith debacle.
we were all waiting to see if he was gonna say something.
per his ig

megyn kelly can insult blacks and still get a comfy alleged payday (must be nice)


life must be great to be an alleged racist in 2018.
you can make ignorant comments on national tv,
but end up getting fired where you won’t have to work again.
not because of banishment,
but because of a pay day.
that’s the life of megyn kelly of “megyn kelly today” on nbc.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but she claimed it was okay for white people to wear “blackface” on halloween when she was growing up.
see @4:00:

when was that EVER okay,
well she got in trouble and had to apologize quickly for her ignorance:


le sigh.
the tears.
i’m surprised she didn’t wear white in that statement.
white tend to means “innocence”.

well she might be out,
but she won’t leave empty handed.
according to the “daily mail”,
she’ll leave with 69 mill
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How To Go From “10” to “-1” In My Foxhole

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.15.38 PMnot everyone will like “us”.
it’s a hard pill to swallow,
but we aren’t for everyone.
it’s not even sexuality either.
we won’t be liked because of our:

skin tone
simply because we woke up in the morning

not everyone will like “the foxhole” either.
well i read this comment today and was truly disgusted.
it’s about christopher “killa cam” matthews.
“the vegan wolf”.
well one of the foxholers had an alleged run in with him.
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Chris Brown Gets Accused of Being Gay By Association

tumblr_o7yzjzgC7V1u2r94mo1_500remember when i use to call him “breezy wolf”?
good times.
chris brown,

always a favorite in the foxhole,
was called “gay” today.
i mean,
unlike any other days he has been called “gay”,
this reason was rather interesting.
so chris is collaborating with nike and olivier rousteing for the “nikelab collection”,
football nouveau line.
oliver is the head designer of balmain.
look him up.

well he went to the cité universitaire in paris,
where the event was held,
and did some photo-ops with oliver like so…
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My Prom Dress Has Mud On It Now

tumblr_inline_ni728n3ItM1t05gs7prom is always a vixen’s dream.
the wolves…
most of them just trying to get laid at the end of the night.
the vixens tho…
they usually go all out so their night can be absolutely magical.
…and then get laid after.
well that is what tayja jones,
a high schooler from pa,
was trying to accomplish on her prom night.
this was what she wore
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Work Wolf. Me. The Line. Crossed?

tumblr_mrm6fkFEzE1sbdxtto1_500 i often wonder:

“when do i cross the line with work wolf?”

i mean i done said almost everything “line crossed” to him.
i done complimented his looks,
and even talked graphically about sex.
no disclaimers.
well when i admitted what i said about liar liar….
other than that,
he is always open to it.
well the minute i say something about someone else
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