My Prom Dress Has Mud On It Now

tumblr_inline_ni728n3ItM1t05gs7prom is always a vixen’s dream.
the wolves…
most of them just trying to get laid at the end of the night.
the vixens tho…
they usually go all out so their night can be absolutely magical.
…and then get laid after.
well that is what tayja jones,
a high schooler from pa,
was trying to accomplish on her prom night.
this was what she wore


she looks pretty!
well after she posted her wonderful night,
the hyenas dragged her head off.
this is just a couple samples of the dragging:


this is a brief snippet of more details from fox29 news:

A local teen couldn’t wait for prom night. She had the perfect dress; however, when she posted the pictures the haters came out.

After a magical prom night some comments on social media had one Pottsgrove High School junior wishing she never went. Those comments may have ruined the night, but thankfully, others are chiming in to save the day.

 Cell phone video shows 17-year old Tayja Jones walking out of her house looking and feeling like a rock star.  It was her first prom and she was excited.

“I felt good and I was happy,” she said.  

When she got home she posted a beautiful picture of herself.

“I made a status when I came home from the prom that night and it said I enjoyed myself and I’m happy. I had fun.”

The next morning her friends called to say the picture had gone viral. But not for the reason Tayja thought.
“There were just like so many rude remarks and negative comments about how I looked. People I didn’t know just like that dress is not for her, she looks like a fat something,” Tayja recalls.

Most of the comments are so demeaning they’re hard to read. Tayja updated her status to say she shouldn’t have gone to prom or posted the picture.

“It was just really hurtful because I was so confident the day before and it just changed my view of myself,” she said.

Her mother is heartbroken.

“She was just really depressed and sad. She doesn’t want to go out the house. She doesn’t want to go to school. She doesn’t want to go nowhere,” said her mother Natina Parker.


do we have to type the first thing off our fingaz?
they were so mean tho.
now granted,
and i’ll be 110,
i was a little thrown back when i saw her pictures.
her chin situation startled me a little.
i didn’t run to post my thoughts online tho.
somethings just need to stay in my head.
i was genuinely happy because she looked happy.
the hyenas of social media can be so nasty.
everything is a:

stan dragging
wshh viewing party

the thing that i had to ask:

What if Tayja decided to kill herself?

you don’t know what’s going on with someone’s mental.
some are not as strong as they portay online.
this is what tayja posted on her facebook after getting so much love:



let em know tayja.

article taken: fox29

16 thoughts on “My Prom Dress Has Mud On It Now

  1. Social media is going to be the death of many people. I think the young lady looks great. She didn’t let her weight stop her from going to the prom. My niece is a big girl,but she allows her weight to keep her from going to her prom. It takes a lot for a normal size person to go day to day without being criticized,I know it’s harder for an obese person as well. The mindset has a lot to do with it. The only individual one should be concerned with is self. When will this world become a place of not judging one another due to how one looks and so on.

  2. I will admit she is adorable tho. Very cute. Was it necessary for the people to criticize her weight? No. They should have leave her alone. In fact I been through her shoes before, and yes you guess it, black people would criticized me all the time. They used to love making fun of my weight in front of my face and embarrassed me in the classroom. Even my teacher told me it was okay for to eat in the classroom for lunch while everyone eat at the cafeteria because she knew and I didn’t have say anything. Even grown ass black adults would always have something to say about my weight, but not in a loving o concerning way, but as a way to put you down, make you feel worst about yourself, make you feel less than. So I understand where she is coming from. It better for her to lose some weight y ya se acabo don’t have to hear their mouths again cause believe me when I lost the weight, these assholes had nothing to say and was shocked because these assholes told me in my face and behind my back said I was going to be the biggest fattest in the world. But ooops, your predication was wrong, sweetheart. I guess the joke is on you, pendejo.

    But I really got to say this. It’s so funny that these pineapple assholes would make fun of a fat person, but they will be the first one in line fucking and even having a relationship with a fat person. I really want to tell them “Fuck you”, but they are savage beasts so I know they will probably kill me even tho they were the first one who put me down, but like savage beasts that they are, they have no self-control and run with emotions.

  3. Her dress was creative, pretty and tasteful…which is more than I can say for a LOT of prom dresses. She looked fine and happy. Oh, and — with a prom date like that one she had, I’D have been smiling too. Let the haters hate…she got her man.

  4. What some of these eternally single ass people don’t get is that everyone doesn’t have to be attractive to you!

    The Internet is making people think they’re more relevant than they really are posting opinions where they weren’t even solicited to insult someone they don’t even know.

    No one asked for any backhanded “she’s unhealthy” comments. I’m sure her family and her doctor have it covered. Go back to your irrelevant, meaningless lives.

    Any grown person, especially a BLACK MAN, that takes time out of their day to insult someone on the internet that’s done nothing to them is clearly losing at life. Just like that ignorant pineapple in the video looking like he smells of black and milds and disappointment.

    Damn just be encouraging to the young woman. She already has enough to deal with being young, female, and black smh.

    1. “Smells of black and milds and dissapointment” you know what, let me get my shades and start throwing at that failed attempt of a trap pineapple who thinks he’s tough, but not by the hairs of his chinny chin chin. He screams butt hole bandit on the downlow looking for an opening. Plus his teeth looks like he’s been eating rocks and finally his face is an abomination! Jesus doesn’t approve!

  5. It’s funny how we’ve seen some crazy ratchet prom dresses and hairstyles but this girl goes viral because of her weight. NOT her dress, or hairstayle, because both were tasteful and I don’t see any problems with her overall look. That high school age is a trip because it’s troll central, and this social media world is just amplifying the problem. It’s sad because she felt good and confident on her prom night, which she should, and the trolls brought her to ground zero. The double standards are real.

    This is why I’m hesitant to put personal stuff on social media, it’s just too volatile these days, and once it’s out there, it’s out there. I’m not gambling with that. I think she has the strength to get past this though. She seems self-aware and that awareness of her true character will be reassuring for her getting back out there.

    S/N: They mentioned “first” prom, and “senior” prom. Do they do it every year in HS there or? We only had one at my school! One was more than enough for me, I couldn’t imagine multiple!

  6. This is just sad I hope and pray she’s strong enough to keep going with life and not take this incident to heart people need to stop being so dam cruel

  7. So sad to read this, I’m actually glad she did go. I’m pretty sure she has heard these kinds of things about her before but for it to go viral is just evil. I hope she doesn’t let the haters get to her, her entire look that night was great. Whatever happen to “if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.” Smh

    Gabourey Sidibe has been going through this same thing ever since she first hit the scene with precious. It hasn’t stopped her from grinding and always having an acting job on shows and movies people actually watch. I pray this young lady can keep her head up.

  8. I pray that she gains the confidence that she needs! She seems like a genuine person with a good heart and spirit. I hope these internet bullies get what they deserve. They are so sad and pathetic! *sidebar* her dress is pretty by the way! She’s got a unique style!

      1. That supervisor will see it and terminate the person for that bad performance review. Trump on the other hand has been dragged and the GOP are not going to endorse him (the Bushes, Ted Cruz, etc.). Trump is just a loudmouth kid with a micropenis! *drops mic like Obama*

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