Janet Jackson Has Good News (and Possible Bad News For You)

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 6.27.56 PMwelp!
janet jackson is pregnant with her first cub.
she is pregnant at soon to be 50.
i know the hubz must be thrilled.
ya know who is not thrilled?
all those who had tickets to her concerts she had to “postpone”.
i doubt she is going to go back on tour after she gives birth.
she isn’t a spring vixen anymore,
but congrats on the new addition!

lowkey: so when her cub is going to prom,
she will be 80-ish?


Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Has Good News (and Possible Bad News For You)”

  1. Pregnant at 50? Okay. I know she about to do it and still have more youth and beauty than girls half her age 🙌

  2. I love JJ!! Been a fan for as long as I can remember and definitely was looking forward to seeing her on tour, so to say I was disappointed was an understatement. After I got over being pissed the more I sat and realized I have no reason to be upset. This woman has given us 40+ years of her life as an entertainer. Yea the timing may not have been great, but if she wants to have a child, she should definitely do that. At this point, she honestly owes me nothing else and I’ll always have the YouTube videos and music to sustain me. She’s given me more than enough.

    1. That’s very nice and mature to say i only wish the majority could say the same thing. Janet grew up in the limelight as part of a music royalty family. It’s like she never had privacy for herself. I think you’re right in the aspect that she deserves happiness..

    2. they have a right to be MAD she had SEVERAL YEARS to get pregnant when she was off the scene. Why would you plan a family during a tour/project that she said SHE was committed to for 3 years. People that purchased hotel and flights to see her where ROYALLY fucked. She should have been more forthcoming about this from JUMP. She already has a bad track record of canceling shows.

    3. Lifelong JJ fan here and I, too, agree with your sentiment. The timing might be bad for fans but if she was finally able to conceive naturally (and I believe this has been on her “bucket list” for a long time), then so be it. She’s given us more time in the business than today’s stars have been alive. Plus, this might give a fresh perspective on her music (if there is to be more) going forward. I wish them a healthy pregnancy. Meanwhile, I just od on the “Dammmn Baby” video. I wish they had given more time to the little girls….

  3. Pregnant at 50 wow Janet and my mom is the same age and my mom wants a baby around her house but a grand baby not her own. Well good luck to her and hopefully she has a healthy baby. But I wonder why she never had kids younger.

  4. I still need proof. That video going around just says she was taking time off to plan a family. Not that she is pregnant. I’ll need photos

  5. I wonder how far she is, mostly because she announced it. Women her age should wait at least 5 months before revealing a pregnancy.

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