well, there is always knitting during the e-pocalypse.

this is some folks right now:

folks are legit crying out here.

We have a problem…”

it’s been close to 5 hours and facebook,
and whatsapp has been down for the count.
for me tho…

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2021 is looking like the year of the reset.
after a year like 2020,
where we were forced to sit with ourselves,
it seems 2021 is when we start over.
i’m hoping that we are officially on an upward turn.
it seems likedonald trump might officially be outta here.
zuckerberg got him up offa facebook:

and it looks like twitter is doing the same…

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are we protesting for jonathan price or nah?

the great divide.
i see a lot of folks are divided with the following story.
as you know,
black lives have been the target of the police.
many of them have been very unfair killings.
jonathan price,
who is seen ^above,
is another who was recently killed by the police.
he was killed by a cop when trying to intervene in a domestic disturbance.
( x read here )
the issue with jonathan is his past social media antics.
it seems he allegedly was:

Conflicted about black lives matter
Supported the police
Had beef with his family while highlighting the white folks who supported him
“Addicted” to white vixens.

the following was pulled from his facebook,
around the time of the george floyd protests

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break down my walls and scam all over me

social media ain’t real.
you can’t really trust all that you see on your social media feeds.
some of it is legit; others is just cute bedtime stories.
stories like the following really destroy my perception of those who need help.
i legit cried for this landlord when i watched his story:

i felt his pain because i couldn’t believe someone could be so evil.
we in a pandemic and it’s hard out here.
well guess what?…
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jerika demi son’s are coming for your daughters with her permission

that filter got her looking like the ghetto bride of chucky.
so mothers always want the best for their sons.
depending on the mother,
they can end up spoiling them and doing way too much coddling.
this is why we end up with the fuck bois we have now.
too many mamas boys looking for an extension of them.
jerika demi wants us all to know that her sons are coming for folk’s daughters.
this is what she put up on her facebook

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the one with the guy who had nut on his face and the two dicks in his hands

some males love giving head.
not just to vixens,
but to other males.
i’m sure you know that many males in these forests are bisexual.
sometimes the “bisexual” is secret.
as much as people make excuses for it,
i think it’s perfectly fine.
in my opinion anyway.
nyree unique allegedly for tired of the excuses from her wolf.
she outed her wolf/alleged baby daddy,
savon bowen,
on facebook for his alleged bisexuality

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