how to get away with trying to murder the gay male he wanted to get oral sex from

some males have a face for suckin’ dick.
malachi robinson,
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he is also probably the world’s dumbest dl murderer too.
well via advocate

A 25-year-old man in Missouri was sentenced on Thursday to nearly 22 years in prison without the possibility of parole for shooting a 16-year-old boy because the teen was gay.

Malachi Robinson pleaded guilty in July of last year to luring and shooting a youth identified only as M.S. in court documents eight times in Kansas City in May of 2019.

Robinson admitted he lured the youth to a secluded wooded area with the intent of shooting him because of his sexual orientation.

it was how it all went down tho…

The pair first met by chance outside the Kansas City Public Library on May 29, 2019,

by chance?
go on

….and then continued to communicate online via Facebook. They met again at the library and walked around the Swoop Park area. Surveillance footage from the library showed M.S. walking across the street and away from Robinson before Robinson quickly followed him.

According to court documents, Robinson then suggested the pair go into nearby woods to engage in a sex act. Around this time Robinson texted his girlfriend saying he “might shoot this boy” because he was gay. Once in the woods, M.S. changed his mind and attempted to walk away. Robinson then repeatedly shot the youth with a Taurus 9mm pistol. M.S. was able to stagger to the sidewalk and crawl to a nearby apartment building where he lay before a witness called the police. He was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

While M.S. survived, he still has multiple bullets in his body and has “since suffered long-term effects of the shooting.” He has undergone multiple surgeries since he was attacked.

so he wanted to engage in a sex act but texted his girlfriend about murder?
according to an earlier article from the advocate:

On May 29, 2019, at a Kansas City Public Library, he spoke with the teenage victim on Facebook Messenger. M.S., the victim, asked Robinson about his sexual orientation and suggested they hook up in the library bathroom. Robinson said he was not gay but agreed to receive oral sex outside the library for $5. They left the library, with Robinson misleading M.S. into believing they would have sex.

At the same time, Robinson emailed screenshots of the conversation to his girlfriend without the teenager’s knowledge. “He tryna set me up on sumn now, gonna unfriend me,” Robinson wrote to his girlfriend. “Might shoot this boy if he try some gay shit.”

Walking into the woods, he shot the victim eight times with a pistol.

The bullets Robinson fired hit M.S. three times in his chest, three times in his right arm, once in his left buttocks, and once in his right hand, almost detaching the finger.

Robinson ran to his apartment after the shooting and told people what he had done, the justice department stated.

It took police five days after the shooting to arrest Robinson. He had tried to avoid capture by disguising his appearance and disposing of the gun. Additionally, he made Google searches for “How to know if the police are looking for you” and “How to get away with murder in real life.”

not googling “how to get away with murder in real life“.

i wonder if his girlfriend looked at his texts in full sus?

Was she okay with her man admitting he would get head from another male for 5 dollars?

i’m glad his victim survived and as far as the hyena:

Malachi is gonna have 22 years to fulfill all of his gay desires for free.

article cc: article 22 | article 23

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  1. These poor babies being used and abused for being gay. This story legit made my heart hurt because by the time the youngin realized something was wrong it was too late. Praise God that he survived and please God let him recover better, wiser and stronger from this.

    I don’t wish bad upon people so I have no words for the hoodlum but I do hope he gets EVERYTHING he deserves ol senseless jackass.

  2. $5 I know you fucking lying?! Who sucks dick for $5 that’s less than a happy meal. At least at KFC you can get a $5 box and get a better deal than that! Then you texting the evidence, that’s why you locked up for 22 years ya dumb fuck! Hope you know you gon be sucking dick in jail after they find out about that.

    1. Not only will he be sucking dick, but giving up azz whenever one of his bunk mates gets horny AND get passed around to the other inmates. 😎🤣

      1. Ok. He gone be AtlTayh new bunk mate getting passed around like he in Oz

      2. Exactly! Just on the strength of looking like a male Lauren London. Oh that ass gone be sweet he might as well change his name to power cakes.

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