don’t you dare give me an “arbys” gift card for tricking

i love a generous john.
the ones that truly think about what you’d like during sponsorship.
i also love when homophobic church folks get caught tf up in full gay shit.

It gives me clear skin

barry cole poyner,
elder at “church of christ” in missouri,
is a john who allegedly loved giving out gifts and gift cards for services rendered.
too bad for him tho…

He got arrested for it.

this is what a foxhholer sent me via “the post“…

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The American Dream: Killing All The Black Wolves?

B5m0jnUCAAAlmCb“I’m just living out the American dream
And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems. – american life, madonna

i woke up this morning to talk about how it doesn’t feel like christmas.
how i went to the dermatologist yesterday.
the stress of my job has been breaking me out.
i also nearly blinded myself spilling the ointment on me.
the nightmare i had last night.
i had all these things to talk about,
but i’ll talk about another killing of a black youth first.
“we” have to mourn again.
another mother is without her son.
this time its antonio martin from missouri,
not far from ferguson.
he allegedly raised a gun at the officer and was killed.
here is the surveillance…
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Who The Next FUCK Is Zaviar Gooden?!?!?!?!

this 2013 nfl combine is the best yet!!
all the pre baller wolves look good as hell.
this one here:

2008 NFL Scouting Combine

of course when j rock mentioned him,
i went on the hunt

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