The American Dream: Killing All The Black Wolves?

B5m0jnUCAAAlmCb“I’m just living out the American dream
And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems. – american life, madonna

i woke up this morning to talk about how it doesn’t feel like christmas.
how i went to the dermatologist yesterday.
the stress of my job has been breaking me out.
i also nearly blinded myself spilling the ointment on me.
the nightmare i had last night.
i had all these things to talk about,
but i’ll talk about another killing of a black youth first.
“we” have to mourn again.
another mother is without her son.
this time its antonio martin from missouri,
not far from ferguson.
he allegedly raised a gun at the officer and was killed.
here is the surveillance…

its very faint,
but you can see something happening in the top left.
i’ll also leave this for your review:


tumblr_inline_nh2le3sNET1qjxj8bwell i’m sure the media is getting ready to drag antonio’s past.
we could as well get comfy.

lowkey: this broke my heart.
this is his mother on the scene:


i hope the truth will be revealed with peace and protest.

( x watch video of them putting antonio’s body in a mini van | video 2 )

( x police at scene posing )

( x view an update timeline on the guardian )

11 thoughts on “The American Dream: Killing All The Black Wolves?

  1. I make no apologies when I say the older I get, the less I trust the police and government as a whole.

    The police get PAID and TRAINED to do the job they CHOSE to do.

    I’m not kissing your ass!

    They should not be above reproach! They’re human being that should be held accountable for their actions. That’s why there are more crooked cops than most care to admit, they walk around with a gun and the law covering them like they’re invincible. Cops will ALWAYS cover for other cops!

    That’s why I mind my business, live in a safe neighborhood, stay aware of my surroundings, and drive the speed limit.

    I want zero interactions with them! I don’t even speak to them.

    The local police department called me not too long ago about applying again and I said nope and hung up! Most bigoted interview Id ever been on in my life.

    I see why now.

    1. Really dude lol? James Holmes killed 12 people and he is still alive to this day. He also had a gun. Charles Manson led a cult to kill multiple people and he is still alive to this day. How can you not protest this? How even there was no narrative even if he he needed that gun? By the way, the gun was planted and it has been done before. You obviously reading comprehension if you can lackcaniously look at this article and get that no one should protest for this slain black youth if he so hastened to find a gun. I really hope that you learn to love yourself, your Blackskin, and the other people that you lust so much for in this site. Most of your comments on this site really bothered me so I have to speak up on this.

      1. Justin, I feel what you are saying to a certain extent. It always seems that if a black man is involved in an encounter with law enforcement, whether he is in the right or wrong, his likelihood of being killed is much higher than a white person. This is mostly because they do not value black life. Police are just more willing to use deadly force when black folks are involved. That being said, too often in the black community, when an incident like this occurs, we are too quick to jump on the victim bandwagon. This is where I agree with “The Man”. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what color. We as a people have got to start taking responsibility for our role in some of these incidents. If this young man had a gun and pulled it on this officer, what can we expect him to do? If you like that type of life and are willing to be so bold as to fight/pull weapons on the police, this is not surprising outcome. I am suspicious of the police and sometimes I am really afraid of them being a young black man. At the same time we have to respect what they go through everyday and acknowledge that there are times when they have no other choice but to use deadly force. If this gun was planted, I hope that is brought to light. If there is no evidence to indicate that, I hope that this officer is not demonized for doing his job and protecting himself.

      2. Would y’all look at this? The Grinch is trying to steal my Christmas. I wanted to leave this alone, but my finger tips started tingling, so I had to respond to this. In the past, I would have cursed you out, but I’m a changed man Justin Yuu. This young kat is getting ready to school you, the proper way. First, what are you talking about? What have I said in the past? You have been looking for an issue with me since that other post a few weeks ago. I wrote one sentence, and you managed to find something wrong with it. I wanna know this as well. What does my preferences have to do with this post bruh? Nothing. However, you felt the need to make that relevant. What was the purpose? That’s the problem with people, always worrying about what others are doing instead of focusing on their own. Instead of worrying about the men I lust after, my skin, my comments, and the love that I DO have for myself, you need to take a look deep within yourself to figure out why you are focused on me when I have never met you.Trying to tell me I don’t love myself. Are you kidding me? You also tried to tell me before that I didn’t love my skin because I called myself chocolate. In the past, I have called men Jamari has posted caramel, chocolate, dark chocolate etc. I refer to them all as tasty treats, not just myself. Is that a problem?

        My opinions are based on what I’ve studied and learned. I have my opinions, if you do not like them fine, but you will respect it. We do not know what happened, but when situations arise, I refer to legit sources, not social media. Plus, we have to wait for the facts.Why do you think I said “we shall see I guess?” We have to learn the facts first. I’m a criminal justice major, future detective, that what I do, investigate and look at the facts. As a matter of fact, that’s what anyone who do who doesn’t have a biased opinion. Yea, I am a black man and I love my people, but I’m not ready to jump up and act like a fool once one of us is gunned down by another race before knowing what happened.

        Read this article from the St. Louis Today “Berkeley officer kills suspect who pulled gun; police say victim was ‘known’ to police”

        You can’t return a damaged item to a store claiming you brought it without a receipt. I have mine where is yours. Social media? The article states the man pointed a pistol at the officer. Yet, I lack comprehension skills. However, you refuse to look at the facts, instead you focus on social media and let your biases get in the way. What a joke. Y’all better tell em. I’ll pack ya up and send ya on your way. Don’t come at me like that. Are you embarrassed or nah?

        You were trying to turn these readers against me in the process as well, oh yea, I caught it. It’s not gonna happen Justin. You’re not the first one. You thought since everyone has been disagreeing with me a little more as of late they were going to turn on me. Nope. If you really read my comments as you claimed, you would have known that a lot of what I’ve said over the past 3 years has validity and value and other people know this as well. Everything I’ve said comes from the heart, no matter how harsh it sounds. Real Talk. You really tried it. #FaithfulReader #AuthenticHeart

      3. @SamSpade. What is wrong with people? People wanted him to used a stun gun on dude when he was holding up a loaded weapon at him.These officers have families to go home to and people who love them. Their lives are valuable too. I said before, some of our people are just as racist towards the white people who they claim are racist against us. People don’t believe me. Their ears are closed. People don’t like to hear the truth. How can we expect them to see us in a different light, when we continue to see them in them in a bad one.

        When that man shot those two officers last week, people thought it was alright. People claiming the white man is the enemy, but the officers killed weren’t white, neither of them. Ain’t that some shit? Yet, we are always victims. GTFOH. We have to take responsibility for our actions in these incidents.

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