you might need to figure out what your “american dream” looks like :/

the american dream.
i’ve been taught that it’s coming from nothing to something.
it was a term that immigrants coming to this country strive for.
that could be the legal or illegal route of collecting your W.
now that social media forces us to show our highlight reels,
everyone is trying to prove their worth on this public stage.
the american dream does look different for many people.
folks with no talent are applauded more than those who work hard.
a poor lost soul can buy a 6 million crib off earnings from onlyfans.
i was watching a new trailer for jlo yesterday called “halftime“:

one would say she has accomplished a version of the american dream…

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hit me up today so i can teach you how to make real money

a few jobs ago,
i was being harassed by some of the mailroom wolves.
they were all doing this thing called,
“wish you were here”.
the idea was selling travel and going to go to these exotic locations.
during various photo shoots,
they’d put up this cocky ass sign:

“Wish You Were Here”

one of the cute ones came to my crib with hopes of trying to convince me.
instead of feeding me the pipe like i’d hope,
he came with a friend to feed me garbage of a “get rich quick” situation.
needless to say,
when i said i wasn’t interested,
he stopped speaking to me.
these days,
they are all still working regular jobs.

“The American Dream of Get Rich and Quick”

i watched an interesting documentary tonight on netflix.
it was called,
better on zero“…

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The American Dream: Killing All The Black Wolves?

B5m0jnUCAAAlmCb“I’m just living out the American dream
And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems. – american life, madonna

i woke up this morning to talk about how it doesn’t feel like christmas.
how i went to the dermatologist yesterday.
the stress of my job has been breaking me out.
i also nearly blinded myself spilling the ointment on me.
the nightmare i had last night.
i had all these things to talk about,
but i’ll talk about another killing of a black youth first.
“we” have to mourn again.
another mother is without her son.
this time its antonio martin from missouri,
not far from ferguson.
he allegedly raised a gun at the officer and was killed.
here is the surveillance…
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