you might need to figure out what your “american dream” looks like :/

the american dream.
i’ve been taught that it’s coming from nothing to something.
it was a term that immigrants coming to this country strive for.
that could be the legal or illegal route of collecting your W.
now that social media forces us to show our highlight reels,
everyone is trying to prove their worth on this public stage.
the american dream does look different for many people.
folks with no talent are applauded more than those who work hard.
a poor lost soul can buy a 6 million crib off earnings from onlyfans.
i was watching a new trailer for jlo yesterday called “halftime“:

one would say she has accomplished a version of the american dream…

She accomplished great things being SMACK DAD in the middle of talent.

she is a very hard worker,
she has done quite a lot compared to others.

Number 1 movies
Number 1 songs
Number 1 fragrances
Popular clothing line
Best dressed on many red carpets
“The Versace Green Dress”

Sung for a president
Hosted many shows for finding talent

208m followers on IG
Had males wrapped around fingers

even with all of that tho,
she doesn’t seem remotely happy or fulfilled.
i could tell by why she ( x doesn’t feel accepted in hollywood ).
( x she speaks about how not getting an oscar affected her self esteem )

Her story is many people’s stories tbh

…or about to be many of our stories.
i’ve met people who have their american dream stories and aren’t happy.
once you’ve achieved “this goal“,
you soon realize that life doesn’t stop once that happens.
either there is more to do,
you still yearn for acceptance,
or it wasn’t what you expected.
it’s easy to become “nothing to something” if you desire it…

…but if you aren’t fulfilled within yourself,
none of that shit even matters.

people are still missing something “after“.
if you pay attention to some of these folks on social media,
you’ll see the truth in the bigger picture.

so yes…
even though the american dream is an inspiring thing,
when i look at someone like jlo…

It seems like all that hard work,
the accolades,
and the “diva” attitudes are just a cover for low self-worth.

What does your American dream look like?

3 thoughts on “you might need to figure out what your “american dream” looks like :/

  1. I have a friend who makes six figures remote and wants to be an influencer and quit corporate America. Nobody is ever satisfied

    Social media is the root of a lot of this because 20 years ago we didn’t have people 18 making millions off their personalities. I def think gen z were the first to capitalize off of social media. Most millennials grew up being told to minimize their personal postings online. I never would’ve posted my ass when I was college aged.

    Dudes now be 18 fucking raw on twitter no thoughts of wanting to one day live a low profile life

  2. We have to remember that having successful careers is only one aspect of our journey in Life. If thats all we aspire to do we’ll unfulfilled or bored with our riches like many celebs. Chasing a bag means nothing without peace

    1. ^i’ve started to realize that.
      i’m seeing a lot of people irl who are tied to their careers but feel unfulfilled with everything else.
      something is missing so they keep pursuing things to feel something.
      they end up feeling burnt out sooner or later.

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