is drew sidora’s huzzzband, ralph, diggin’ through these male georgia peaches?

everyone wants to be on reality tv until your huzzband gets in a scandal.
then it’s “don’t talk about my huzzband!!!” as the new storyline.
drew sidora’s huzzband,
ralph pittman,
has been under scrutiny for his alleged gay lifestyle.

i know,
that sounds weird,
but lemme explain.
a stylist claimed ralph was gay which kicked off the rumors.
( x see here )
it was ralph’s answer in this recent interview tho…

he didn’t actually deny the allegations…

wouldn’t that make him “bi” tho?
you know everyone lovvesssss “the might-be-gay huzzband“.
from what the pretty vixen told me,
he was allegedly a cheater and not interested in othr males.
as i’ve been in involved with my fair share of huzzbands,
you’d be pretty surprised these days.

either way,
i heard drew was boring on this show so this could be a good storyline.
i like drew and she was/is in her acting bag.
i dunno why she decided to do this show.

let’s hope these shenanigans don’t ruin her marriage.
most of these reality relationships never make it more than a season.

lowkey: some of these reality huzzbands want fame as much as the wives do.

10 thoughts on “is drew sidora’s huzzzband, ralph, diggin’ through these male georgia peaches?

  1. Drew is just trying to fit in and Andy is the queen of messy. He is literally like the Gay Version of Wendy Williams

  2. This is the first time, I have heard nothing about RHOA. With Porsha, Nene, and Cynthia gone, don’t look like the Atlanta franchise is ready for “another season”. Drew had a lot to say about Anthony to Sheree but soon as Sheree friend brought up her husband, “don’t bring my husband name up” her attitude changed real quick. Back then if any man went to San Francisco, he was already gay. Now, if your man got body, posts naked pics, has a big gay following, I mean rumors from gay men; they not lying. You don’t have to shut down all of them but when you keep adding on to them, there is some truth to some of them. Anytime gay stylists keep talking about what yo man did, trust and believe they got receipts 🧾 its bound to come out. Atlanta is definitely not the place to live if you are fine and in a relationship because the city and the girls will eat you alive.

  3. This is soooo tired….”Your husband is Gay” . It just does not carry the same weight as it did back in the day . I like how he( they ) handled it. Like “no big deal “.

    He is attractive and I am sure some guys wish it were true , but I’m not feeling that Gay vibe. Also , everyone is picking on Drew. I like her and find her to be good for the show. She bounces off the other characters good and brings a variety of plot potential. Plus, she is actually a Housewife that is married. As far as her marriage ,all relationships have problems, and they are keeping it real.

  4. Drew is lame. Her husband deserves the peach instead. He’s more interesting in every way. Idk if I’m attracted to Ralph but I do see the appeal. His response is a little off but everybody isn’t the best at interviews and being put on the spot. Hey Shamea girl!

    Yeah the whole calling a man gay to embarrass, emasculate and slander somebody has got to stop. Andy ought to be ashamed of himself for allowing that foolishness to continue to be associated with the network.

  5. Drew is so famous she literally played herself on The Game and was in the TLC movie.

    How far she has fallen!

  6. Ugh!!! This is one of the stigmas about being gay, specifically gay and black, that I hate. NOT EVERYONE IS GAY!!!! And even if he is, that’s his business. But I can’t stand these stunt queens spreading rumors because they see someone attractive. They did it to Apollo, and the same is being done here. What’s more unacceptable is Andy keeps allowing these “gay as slander” storylines to appear on the Housewives franchise. But honestly I’m not surprised…

    1. ^ andy is the worst but this could be just a storyline for drew.
      i hear she is really boring in this show.
      kinda like cynthia…

  7. He DIDN’T say I’m not gay. Neither did the other guys. Conclusion – they are BI at best and DL at worse. Thee Atlanta boys are the cutest but so open in their sexuality. Those poor women. I can understand their plight

  8. The first thing I noticed is he was very careful with his words

    Even the “cut that shit out” didn’t come from him

    And when asked did he talk to Dennis about it he just shrugged and said “I mean..”

    Let me find out, Ralph!!!!!

  9. I ain’t gone Kap he is Foine. He chicks with sticks nd getting his as ate. Ion know that’s just my theory. Nd Dru weird as fuck talks bout he’s a cheater like she likes it or something idk lmao sheree gone eat her ass up if she don’t chill.

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