the white supremacist thought harlem was a good spot to stab black folks with needles

rip to these victims of that senseless tragedy in buffalo.
my heart is still heavy over that mass shooting.
the fact that demon was live-streaming it on twitch.
i still can’t even imagine.
we always say this every year,

but with the goings-on out here:

Summer ’22 is gonna be a wild one

i might seriously have to pick and choose how deep #outside i am.
white supremacist jackals and hyenas are on the prowl.
one was out in harlem trying to stab black folks with needles yesterday…

he is a bold summa’bitch.
i’m shocked he is able to sit upright.
he wasn’t in the “right” parts of harlem tho.
his ass would have never been seen again.

Stay vigilant

a war might be on the way.
this is one of the replies under the tweet:

they coming to the hoods with this shit.
driving 4 or 5 hours cause the devil told them so.
this is why i want to go to the gun range.
i hate that we can’t carry weapons for our protection out here.
i get it but shit is getting wild.
i’d stay strapped and dare a muthafucka to sneeze wrong in my direction.

4 thoughts on “the white supremacist thought harlem was a good spot to stab black folks with needles

  1. Oooh yall good. Chicago he would not stand a chance. Hell, the police not even Aunty Lori can save him. You come to the South or West side and do that, oh you better believe they are going to have to pull people off him. The crack heads gon let him have it and then they gon steal his needles.

  2. It’s been a war on us forever but once Obama was in office many Black people acted as if we were in the promised land. Meanwhile lynchings and etc still occurred. Many states make it hard to get a license to carry a concealed weapon but you can buy one for your home. Crazy world so everyone be careful. I own a firearm and I’m licensed to carry but I still want to learn how to defend myself with my hands as well.

    1. I have honestly been thinking of purchasing a gun and going to the range. It’s been getting crazy. Knowing my luck I get stopped by a gung-ho cop and even though my gun would be in the case, he would try some BS that I pull a weapon on him. I am on Long Island and we don’t have many black/latino guys on the force…and a black man having a gun would just make a cop’s day out here!

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