42k had sex in houston, texas and they’ll cum with party favors?

“This is Texas,
ain’t got no condom?”…

or whatever Bey said in that song.

more than a few of my favorite new yawkers have swapped bagels for barbecue,
permanently setting up camp in houston, texas.
they rave about the southern charm and no taxes but can’t stand two things:

The traffic
The heat

as you know,
i’ve always had a soft (and warm) spot for those texas wolves:

there’s something about that texas wood…
grain that hits different
but Foxhole,
this morning made my foxhole close up and put a “do not enter” sign.

as fine as they are down there:

Are they handing out STDs like party favors?…

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was this reality show attentionisto paid as rsvp-enis to someone’s wedding?

i wont even hold you but…

The forest of male attentionisto escorts is so fascinating to me.

i’m really into it.
i’m learning that when “got it like that” gays travel,
they book the services of many IG ‘gay for pay’ attentionistos to accompany them.
the “got it like that” straights do it all the time with IG attentionistas.
i meannnnnnnnnnnz…
whats better than some good sex with your ultimate fantasy on hotel sheets?
many make a living working out to get smutted out.
it happens more than you think.

a Foxholer sent in an story about a reality show wolf who allegedly escorts.
he might have allegedly been the RSVP-enis for a wedding overseas

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are sean soto and his husband over?

long-term relationships that end up in marriage usually don’t work out.
i see it all the time with the straights,
so why should the gays be any different?

take sean (don) soto and his (maybe ex) husband,
for example.
an F-BI sent me a message that had me do a little snooping…

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diddy was caught getting some cat from a dj?

Lord have mercy in heaven…

i have never heard of dj felix da housecat but according to this claim,
diddy knows him very well.

it’s being alleged that diddy was caught stroking the fur of that house cat too.
see what i did there?

in another week of “bringing diddy to task” via the neighborhood talk

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do you think these two were trying to rope lebron james into a threesome?

This is what they think King James looks like in AI.

Those digital pecs “bees” sitting tho.

we all know that lebron king james is a big ‘n’ tall nba baller wolf.
you all know how i feel about him.
it is no doubt that many are trying to ride that meat mountain into the sunset.
he recently went viral of twitter because its seems these two people wanted him in a threesome

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usher got a knockout by diddy that sent him to the hospital?

“Now why am I in it?” Usher in his Nene Leakes voice.

folks are trying to get usher caught up (see what i did there?) in diddy’s mess.
ever since diddy got exposed by cassie,
the forests have been barking loud about his alleged bts behavior.
apparently and allegedly,
diddy put usher in the hospital at one point?…

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