lets discredit katt williams since he shook the tea off the table!

I watched the entire katt williams interview with shannon sharpe on sunday morning.
I woke up earlier than I should have and said:

“Why not?”

I thought it was entertaining and informative.
katt has a way of speaking and being engaging.
it was all eyes on him.
shannon sharpe isn’t a great interviewer tbh.
if you paid attention,
katt lowkey shaded him a few times.

i did appreciate shannon’s bawdy tho.
this interview shook everyone up so you know what folks are gonna do:

They are going to try and discredit Katt Willams with his past actions.

my thing is…

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its been a voyage back to the foxhole

peeks in
turns lights on

these last two weeks,
or maybe it was just a week,
have been wild within the foxhole.
my hosting company promised me a whole new situation and…


not only that,
i figured i’d try to fix it myself and messed something up.
sorry for those random emails of whatever language that was.
i was feeling crazy defeated.
if you are subbed to my patreon,
and all my social media,
you know when i saw the foxhole in html only

i knew that was when i had to take a step back.
if things went according to plan,
this would have been in my “i have arrived” entry…

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so i watched the joe budden and isaiah rashad interview and well…

when we get mad and out someone,
we don’t realize it can fuck with their entire mentals.
some outing hyenas are delusional.
they think they are helping someone so they can live their truth.
in reality,
they are pulling someone out who isn’t brave or even ready.
i woke up early and saw the joe budden and isaiah rashad interview was up.
it was on patreon but i know joe uploads it to his youtube sooner or later.
i watched the whole thing and…

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joe budden gets with isaiah rashad

there was a time i would have rode joe budden until the last stop in jersey.
i still have fantasies of a voice like his waking me up at 3 in the morning.
i need him to stop smoking cigarettes tho.

joe budden continues to go places in his career.
he really finagled the bag after everyone counted him out.
even with all of his scandals and all his past shenanigans,
he ain’t going back to that old life.
i don’t even think rapping wolf,
isaiah rashad,
was gonna talk to anyone in the media.
as you know,
he was ( x outed ) last year.
he felt comfortable for joe to bag that interview right quick…

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is drew sidora’s huzzzband, ralph, diggin’ through these male georgia peaches?

everyone wants to be on reality tv until your huzzband gets in a scandal.
then it’s “don’t talk about my huzzband!!!” as the new storyline.
drew sidora’s huzzband,
ralph pittman,
has been under scrutiny for his alleged gay lifestyle.

i know,
that sounds weird,
but lemme explain.
a stylist claimed ralph was gay which kicked off the rumors.
( x see here )
it was ralph’s answer in this recent interview tho…

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the foxhole has moved.
this move came on accident tbh.
i was actually calling my hosting company about stats.
___ told me that i was about to reach my limit in gigs.
a good problem but still a problem.
so he worked his magic and got me a good business deal + a discount.
this last week wasn’t all peace tho…

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