so i watched the joe budden and isaiah rashad interview and well…

when we get mad and out someone,
we don’t realize it can fuck with their entire mentals.
some outing hyenas are delusional.
they think they are helping someone so they can live their truth.
in reality,
they are pulling someone out who isn’t brave or even ready.
i woke up early and saw the joe budden and isaiah rashad interview was up.
it was on patreon but i know joe uploads it to his youtube sooner or later.
i watched the whole thing and…

like i’ve fonted,
or didn’t,
but i was pretty unfamiliar with isaiah and his music.
i think joe did a good job in his interview.
isaiah grew up in a dysfunctional blended upbringing,
but he stated most of his family knows about how he gets down.
he said he was fully aware that he was being recorded.
the two issues were:

He didn’t keep the tapes and it was someone he trusted that leaked it.

he said once the dust settled,
it started to fuck with him.
even though he got a lot of support,
he tried to take his own life by crashing two cars.
he didn’t follow through because of his kids.
isaiah claims he is also sexually fluid or in other words:

“I felt the vibes.”

a negro will smash you gooooood if he is “feeling the vibes”.
…or so i’ve heard.

joe asked the questions i’d be interested in.
they covered mental health and delved more on isaiah’s background.
i felt this was a really candid interview around all that happened tbh.
isaiah seems to be in a better place judging his energy.
i like to call that place “no fucks to give“.
once the truth is out,
you can’t turn back.
for some tho…

you can check out the whole interview:

lowkey: joey said he didn’t watch the tape until the interview.
joey said God forbid pineapples was taping him behind closed doors.
don’t worry joey,
you won’t have to worry about that with me.
good interview tho!
good interview.

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10 thoughts on “so i watched the joe budden and isaiah rashad interview and well…”

  1. The LGBT is the only community where they create a different word for each individual sexuality and feel its valid. Bisexual will always be bisexual. It doesn’t matter how you do it; if you like women sexually and men sexually, you are bisexual. No matter how the person is, Transman, Transwoman, Gender Neutral; being bisexual covers all of those terms because the brain doesn’t recognizes words. It recognizes that the visual it sees is either a man or a woman no matter how the brain in the other body is telling them what they are. When it sees a woman and they have woman parts but they act like a man and you get an erection, your bisexual. If the brain sees a man and he has the urge to suck dick and get his dick sucked but still has sexual desires for a woman; your bisexual. Words are just labels to make a person feel comfortable.

    We can’t diminish that from them because we feel different. If they feel like they are pansexual, asexual, transexual, trisexual, pseudosexual, whatever, they are living their truth. If somebody says they are one of those words, its easy; they are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Depending which word they choose it falls under one of those three.

    Its not business, nor my concern what he doing with his dick, how many dicks he sucking and who’s pussy he eating and fucking. I didn’t care for it then and I don’t care for it now. Isaiah and Joe are freaks and freaks will always relate to one another.

    1. @BadBoyzClub
      My thoughts mirror yours in this instance. Joe Budden and Isaiah Rashad are trying to use verbal gymnastics to obscure their freakem tendencies. I was over Joe Budden years ago, after watching that Tahiry mess on LHHATL. Kudos on the career remake, but he gives me stank, funk attitude vibes. I think he and Isaiah tried each other out. I find neither of their little dicks sexy. Isaiah let some dinge queen out him. These men love a white mouth on those little carrot 🥕 stick dicks.

  2. “Didn’t keep the tapes”, are you crazy! Not gonna say stupid but that was definitely a stupid decision. Learn from Menace II Society. When O-Dog robbed that liquor store and had the video tape at somebody house. Always keep or make sure you witness the tape being erased, deleted, or destroyed. If they have an iPhone, go into the trash folder and delete it completely. Just because they deleted doesn’t mean they can’t wait until you leave and add it back to the gallery.

  3. Budden’s voice though! He could get me to confess anything even if I didn’t do that shit lol. He has such a laid back way about him. So gentle & sexy af. I’d love to hear that voice when inside me tearing up my guts lol. He is a great interviewer.

  4. Haven’t watched yet, but I’m just thankful that, (idk him before this) but considering I’d heard he struggled w mental/emo health issues, that he didn’t harm himself.

  5. You let someone record you what do you expect? How many times do people have you be outed by videos before they realize that you should never record yourself?

    1. Way too much work! Live your truth and live your life. I didn’t know he had kids which is so relatable to all of these downlow muhfuckas out here. He allegedly having a girlfriend now is what kills me and this whole fabled sexual fluidity like did your publicist tell you to say that to keep face. I want people to own where they are on the spectrum not hide behind trendy pseudo words that people think are cute. No claim your identity and own that shit. You knew exactly what you were when you was gagging and drooling all over that dick and you knew who you were when you had 2 dudes sucking your lil meat. FOH!!! I just can’t and I’ll watch this mess later.

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