so i shut down a part of the foxhole and movin’ it somewhere else


i was having a discussion with my therapist last week,
super depressed,
and telling her how i’m running out of money.
i don’t even have much food in my fridge.
i’ve been trying to save the little bit of money that i have for rent.
from friends,
and my therapist

“Why don’t you open up a Patreon for your work?”

i didn’t know what that would look like for me tbh.
every time i tried to get sponsors and ads,
i would get rejected because of the kind of content we talk about here.
it really made me feel like i hit a wall.
another question i had was…

Would The Foxhole support me if I did?

so i decided to get out of my own way and start a patreon.

I’d like to cordially invite you…

i can’t continue to provide content while wondering how i’m gonna survive.
so i decided to move:

All of Ratchet Jamari

…and make a new home for that side of me.
all the 18+,
personal stuff,
and exclusive foxhole events
will go on there.
any ratchet stories will be on there too.
i’ve already put a bunch of stuff for you all to feast on.
the foxhole will live in two places and i hope to see you on the other side:

Join us:

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8 thoughts on “so i shut down a part of the foxhole and movin’ it somewhere else”

  1. The best Idea ever, and you were wondering since wayyy… back how to profit from your hobby. Count me inn, and can’t wait for the juicy content.

  2. And if you still aren’t working ft, u better get u some stamps like half of the world did AS SOON as the pandemic started!

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