my virginity has been taken by the non-corporate girls podcast!

today has been sort of a wild day.
holy guacamole.
i have been here,
and everywhere.

My first interview dropped with The Non-Corporate Girls.


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it was run by delaila and yanni,
who i have nicknamed “pose” within the podcast.
check it out below for my guest appearance on episode 105 for their 5th season…

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unpacked the last of the moving boxes…

How ya doing?
I (haven’t) been doing mighty fine…

we all hit rough patches in our lives.
everything won’t be aligned and curated perfectly for instagram.
add on mercury retrograde and it feels like you are walking through cement.
from the shadow period until touch down,
it has been non-stop “wtf” in my life.
shit was poppin’ off irl and in the forests.
when i came on to update yesterday,
i got an error message and shit went bananas bts.
after a 2 hour call with my hosting company,
i had to legit pack up and move the entire forest.
we too big ya’ll.

It’s too big (big)
It’s too wide (wide)
It’s too strong (strong)
It won’t fit (fit)
It’s too much (much)
It’s too tough (tough)

with that being fonted…

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the foxhole is wyldin tf outtttttt! (BIG NEWS)

recently on the foxhole,
there have been major loading issues.
sometimes the site won’t load or it would take forever to refresh.
i called my hosting company to find out what was going on.
the gentleman told me:

“So your site is running slow because you get a lot of traffic.”

how much traffic,
you ask?
well per the stats

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accountability | september 20th

life isn’t kind to the broken-hearted.
it awards the savages and the grifters.
the ones that are depressed are “doing too much”.
i’m “doing too much”.
as of late,
i’ve been wanting to listen to break-up albums.
emo shit.
something in my spirit has been telling me i need to break up with something…

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the foxhole book club ended up being more than i could imagine! (support group?)

yesterday had me pretty beat.
i had to wake up early because i had another appearance on tmz,
which will mark my 11th (or 12th) appearance on their platform,
but my segment ended up getting canceled.
the night before,
i had an amazing time meeting with the foxhole book club.
due to anxiety that riled up tho…
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update: foxhole book club announcement!

so these last few weeks have been a shit show for me.
if it wasn’t one thing then it was the next.
we had a foxhole book club discussion to have about “invisible life” by e. lynn harris.
i have decided the date on when we will link…

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