let’s have a conversation about how i get stories sent in to me right quick

i wanted to address ^this because this is giving me way too much power.

Sidebar: if I was gonna go outta my way to allegedly hack someone’s phone,
wouldn’t I be seeking out juicer celebs and other public figures dirt?

Sidebar 2: if I was going to be Tasha K,
I would be much more ruthless.

Sidebar 3: don’t mentally abuse me for doing my career 🥴

Sidebar 4: if only people know how fast I move on after I write an entry.
My goal is not to be a scum bag blogger sending the entry to family members.
Go off tho.

but i digress

almost every picture and video i’m sent in is by members of The Foxhole.
i keep all our correspondence on how i’m sent in stories.
i have dates and times so i’m good.
there are some stories that i see when i’m on twitter,
but a majority of the stories that i post on the Foxhole:

My wonderful community sends me pics,
and alleged knowledge as a way to support conversation.

I ALWAYS ask if I can post and never do I post anything without permission.

i’m not hacking phones/laptops out here.
 i don’t know anyone in these pics or videos i’m sent in.
if someone did know me and i did that shit,
i would be in the wrong.
i don’t know if the pics or videos are coming from onlyfans previews either.
so when i’m getting threats like ^that,
the energy is being redirected at the wrong source.
i’m the messenger and i come in peace.
if these things i’m being sent are so personal and private:

How did it get out there?

…because it damn sure didn’t originally get out there from me.

like i said in ( x my dmca/disclaimer ),
which i’m working on getting back up:

  • Claims of Infringement/DMCA: INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ doesn’t claim any rights to the images, videos, or gifs featured on this blog. All visual content is copyright to it’s owner. INSIDE JAMARI FOX™ doesn’t knowingly post images/video that has copyrights to it and has no way of knowing if the senders of such media are copyright holders. Many things are sent into me by readers/publicists, have been found online on various paid websites, or browsing online which is considered to be public domain. If you own the rights to any pictures or videos found on this site(s), please click here —> ( x CONTACT )

other than that,
i don’t know what else to font besides that.
i’m not going to punish The Foxhole either.
i wanted to clear that up tonight.

another disclaimer: if i post anything and it gets taken down,
you are simply out of luck.
you should already be at the front of the line.

6 thoughts on “let’s have a conversation about how i get stories sent in to me right quick

  1. If they only knew how small the grassroots community following was that sent you information in the beginning has grown it would blow their mines. ❤️🙌🏾✨

    1. Chile, I have a good idea who this is. It’s not like it was a GAY video which is what the streets expected. If he don’t pipe down….

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