snatched bald and no castor oil for regrowth

one thing The Foxhole knows very well is loss.
from the time we have started this adventure together in 2009,
we have all experienced loss in some way,
whether on the platform or in our personal lives.

You were with me when Star Fox was murdered and taken from me.
You were with me during the entire WW saga
Remember when we transitioned from a “.com” to a “.org”?

“it’s been the best of times; it’s been the…”
you know the rest.

we are at another loss again…

My Patreon got taken down.

for 2 years,
i have been on there building with so many of you who showed support.
i’m grateful for everyone who showed up for me.

You know in The Foxhole we like to font about some things,
especially when it comes to attentionistos,

we talked about one in particular and it got snatched.
i found out yesterday and it really threw me off.
i don’t blame anyone in The Foxhole who sent me the story.
this is what we are known to do here.
we font about cute attentionistos doing wild shit.
some enjoy the attention; others get mad and cause a ruckus.
some stand ten toes down in their fuckery; others need some milk.
it is what it is?

i’ll keep everyone posted when i find another alternative.
if you have any suggestions,
let me know.

i want to thank everyone for their support.
we gonna figure this out because we always do.

2 thoughts on “snatched bald and no castor oil for regrowth

  1. I wouldn’t if I were you attempt it. You keep giving light to too many self-hating queer (non-heterosexual) males and problematic males. You should ONLY post self-accepting and embracing queer males that are physically attractive. PR is the reason why your Pateron is gone, so the lesson is leave them alone, full stop. He is not self-accepting and you need to not post any of these non-self-accepting queer males. They are toxic and very destructive. Please listen

    1. But most gay men hate gay sex. This site is how I learned many gay men watch straight porn. It blew my mind. Only straight porn I’ve seen were celeb sex tapes to see the D.

      Anygay, gay men want what they can’t have. Remember that Oscar The Grouch eyebrow dude who like Grandy Glaze threw away a NBA career for the big eared dude with a foot fetish? He’s doing OnlyFans now. The gays have been lusting for him since tumblr. As soon as he does gay sex, it will flop. They’re begging him to show butt now and he did. If he just sexes women and focuses camera on his butt he will make bank. He has gay sex and feet in his likes so I don’t see his onlyfans doing well. He’s out of the gate “too gay” and gays hate that. They want the masc guy who’ll call them a fvg while they suck and push them off and go back to their girlfriend.

      Rhy and the wealthy OnlyFans guys get most of their coin from custom videos and other alleged stuff. One dude buys porn then leaks it on twitter. It’s not a financially secure realm unless you gaybait.

      And from the stories on here with dudes paying over $30 for a 30 second clip, not getting it and “doing an expose”…that’s what thrives.

      That Large Peen Support site is literally guys begging for others to share onlyfans clips. Dudes will camp out for years. Threads from like 2015 and you’ll see one “Yes he finally showed a little butt in his story”.

      Gay men…do too much but hey someone in Oscar the Grouch’s comments said they feel good supporting his family.

      So weird but gay men are free to do with their money and time as they please.

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