the hits keep coming for diddy, eh?

it’s going to be hard to get rid of diddy.
there will be a war against the jackals for him.
they took r. kelly but they won’t take diddy too!
i was just listening to the lox’s first album today.

Diddy was all over that.

he is all over mary.
he is all over kim.
he is all over big.
he is all over the 90s.
diddy is responsible for our millennial classics,
if you grew up on the east coast.
summertime was usually when bad boy ruled supreme.
his music is associated with a lot of childhood memories for me.
you can’t font that he didn’t make hits.
his latest hit is his rape of ( x alleged 17 year old with 3 others ).
rolling stone is on his ass so you know it’s not looking good.
his response too all this drama he is in was interesting


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with the comments turned off,
mind you.
he probably heard the stampede.

 i don’t know why he responded tbh.
he responds to that but was silent and paid off Cassie with the quickness.
i don’t know WHO is managing his social media but his silence was better.

I don’t particularly listen to Diddy’s albums BUT I do listen to artists he has produced/worked with/destroyed.

i still love this song:

and this one was part of my young black gay awakening:

this is going to be a hard one.

lowkey: 50+ jackals didn’t realize social media would ruin them in the future.

lowkey 2: can we font about suge knight allegedly outing diddy too?

“puffy been getting his guts ran in for the longest.
why you think him & Russell is friends?”


1 thought on “the hits keep coming for diddy, eh?

  1. Diddy has more money and power than R. Kelly had. Also Diddy didn’t have any sex tapes to leak. Unfortunately I feel like He won’t be canceled entirely. I feel like he’ll pull a Michael Jackson and just pay people to go away.

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