*this will be a sticky thread that will be updated.
UPDATE: 2/22/2024

so before we get into any updates

i want to thank EVERYONE for supporting GO DEEPER/SUB section of The Foxhole.
can you believe it’s been a whole month already?
geez louise.
i’m continued to be blown away by everyone who showed up for me.

Unlike some of these folks on other platforms,
everything is yours for a monthly or annual price.
No “okay but now you gotta pay 29.99 to see something else in DMs” shenanigans.

i can’t thank you enough.

i want to thank
so i’ve had a couple emails about some issues.
i’ll address fixes or “oh i thought it was just me!” concerns…

1 – if you don’t see “already a paid subscriber” at the bottom of any page:

that is an issue.
a Foxholer told me that they paid and couldn’t see past sub only entries.
when they sent me screen shots,
i noticed it didn’t say “already a paid subscriber” under the subscribe bar.

when they switched to a different web browser,
it was there and
the issue got resolved.
that is how you’re sent the code to log back in or from a different device.

Speaking of codes…

2 – a Foxholer told me that they have gotten logged out.
they were asked for a code via email
once they entered the code,
everything was accessible again.
adding a code,

on top of your usual login details,
is an extra layer of protection to make sure your login is super safe.

3 (1/15/24) – a Foxholer sent me this when it came to re-subbing:

When I subscribed in December, for whatever reason, the website didn’t ask for a zip code with my credit card

Yesterday, because of the lack of zip code, it didn’t renew. I went to the WordPress dashboard and saw that it was missing. It wouldn’t let me update so I had to put in the credit card info from the WordPress dashboard then resubscribe on your website.

so if you’re facing any issues with that,
that may be the fix.

4 (1/15/24) – you may come across entries that are “password protected”.
so are from the old patreon entries.
i’m still unlocking and rewriting them to be current for this era.

5 (2/24/2024)so i just found a lead why some of you are having issues with the DEEPER/SUB.
it’s a good problem but a problem nonetheless.
this is what i got in an email today…

Rate limit test on https://insidejamarifox.com/ indicates that the site is experiencing a significant issue with rate limiting, returning a “429 Too Many Requests” error for the majority of the initial requests. This behavior suggests that the website’s server is imposing strict limits on the number of requests received in a short period, which is likely contributing to the issues your subscribers are facing when trying to access subscription pages.

The “429 Too Many Requests” response is typically used to prevent abuse and to manage server load by limiting the number of requests a user can make within a certain time frame. However, when set too restrictively, legitimate users can be inadvertently blocked from accessing content or performing actions on the site, as appears to be the case with your subscription access process.

you guys support me so hard that you fucked up the rate limits.
other than that,
i haven’t heard much issues since launch.
i always ask various Foxholers their feedback to ensure things are running smooth.
if you do have any other issues,
please don’t hesitate to send me ( x AN EMAIL ).

I’ll do my best to help you figure it out.

other than that,
thank you again for subbing!

jamari fox