she took her own life because of workplace bullying at an HBCU

we don’t talk or font about workplace bullying enough for me.
there is no reason that we go to work to make a living,
but end up battling demons between 9 to 5 or 8 to 9.
the following story really saddened me.
it involves the late,
dr. antionette “bonnie” candia-bailey.
she worked at lincoln university of missouri as the vp of student affairs.

she ended up taking her own life over the alleged daily bullying from this demon

dr. john b. moseley.
ever since she left this earth,
the students have wanted him to be fired for his alleged actions.
the slap in the face of this story?

Lincoln University President Dr. John B. Moseley has been placed on paid leave voluntarily while personnel and mental health concerns are externally reviewed following the Jan. 8 suicide of Lincoln vice president Dr. Antionette “Bonnie” Candia-Bailey. Moseley’s professional relationship with Candia-Bailey, according to sources, was poor. Candia-Bailey claimed that she faced depression and anxiety and was harassed, bullied, and ignored.

her last email alleged states that asshole may have been the cause…

But he gets to kick his feet up with his black (?) wife and kid on a paid leave?

how gross.
he needs to be fired and never be able to work again.
he may inflict pain on another victim at another job.

I wonder what is happening in his household with his wife?
It can’t be all smiles and #relationshipgoals.
a serial killer will protect his family while killing for sport.

i never thought i would cry at a job due to bullying.
on my last week of my last job,
due to all the torment i had received by 3 black women who were my bosses,
i broke tf down.

i was suffering with depression and anxiety heavy due to the job.
don’t even get me started on the weight i lost either.
i have watched vixens at past jobs suffer at the hands of abusive bosses.
i’ve see many run to the bathroom in tears.
i saw one be forced to come into work during a snow storm.
she was an assistant in her 60s.
the entire office was closed,
her boss was home,
and she was forced to go in for no reason at all.
i watched her cry the next day when we all returned back.
i hope linda is alive and well.
it would baffle me why they all didn’t quit.

I fully understand now.

i hope dr. antionette “bonnie” candia-bailey gets retribution.
i pray that demon gets his karma x 10 for his wrong doing.
no one,
and i mean NO ONE,
should be bullied at their big age just to make a living or for being talented.

its absolutely ridiculous how this is allowed.

article cc: diverse education

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