that time i thought i was gonna poop on his penis

many years ago when i was in “hoe phase” lite,
i went home with a wolf i didn’t know i was going home with.

we been sexting and texting the days leading up to that night.
he hit me up and told me he was coming to take me to an event.
it was a gay event or something.
i remember being on the way to drunk because he kept buying me drinks.
after we finished molesting each other on the dance floor,
we went back to his car and made out.
at that moment,
i knew i was getting some pipe but…

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images cc: dequainte brown

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “that time i thought i was gonna poop on his penis”

    1. I suggest you simmer down before I light you up.

      If you are too illiterate, then try Hooked on Phonics and improve your reading level to 5th grade before you making things up.

  1. Jamari, on your Patreon I’d love to see how you navigated attending gay events without getting outed and how you found out about them before Twitter, BIGO Live, etc.

    I know many Black gay events are underground or word-of-mouth. Even when I asked the few Black gays I knew, they stonewalled me and said it wasn’t my scene. (Maybe I want to get ratchet and scandalous, they don’t know!)

    So…how do you leave a party not worrying if someone will see you or recognize you? As I understand it you’re not out and you said this was many years ago.

    I just..don’t like the idea of leaving a club with a man and he has a reputation and I become known as one of his hoes. I’m showing how I overthink. BYE!

  2. Jamari…I am ready for ALL of the smoke if you make a Mo’Nique post.

    Lil Nas X and Mo’Nique, you don’t fvck with on my watch.

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