so i shut down a part of the foxhole and movin’ it somewhere else


i was having a discussion with my therapist last week,
super depressed,
and telling her how i’m running out of money.
i don’t even have much food in my fridge.
i’ve been trying to save the little bit of money that i have for rent.
from friends,
and my therapist

“Why don’t you open up a Patreon for your work?”

i didn’t know what that would look like for me tbh.
every time i tried to get sponsors and ads,
i would get rejected because of the kind of content we talk about here.
it really made me feel like i hit a wall.
another question i had was…

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“The Gays” Are Wanted Over In Lancaster

a place where the straights aren’t wanted?
it’s not grindr or jack’d.
a mayor in southern california,
who happens to be republican of all things,
wants to make his city great again.
have all “the gays” and asians move over there.
an f-bi sent me the story via the huffington post
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Time For (Mi) To Grow Up


i had a good talk with mi last night.
when i got in,
she was packing up her stuff.
we haven’t been talking,
but i wanted to know what her next stop was going to be.
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Preparing To Say Goodbye

tumblr_static_a366if6zrogk00gkws8g08ws8have you ever been in a situation,
where you know something is ending or change is coming,
but it doesn’t really hit you until it’s coming?
you can talk all day about wanting to move out your forest,
but as soon as the week or day before,
you suddenly start getting sad and feeling regret.
well welcome to that magical place called “the comfort zone”.
it’s a place where you can feel happiness or content,
but feel attached to what you are use to.
so my entire department was pulled into a big meeting today…
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Move That Ass! (HURRY!)

tumblr_nec9juShNe1qg3v0qo1_400just move it a little to the left fella!
thats it!
right there!
now don’t move…
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f0xmail: To Move Or Not To Move (That Is The Question?)


Hey Jamari! I love your site and I am just getting out of a 7 year relationship. I never thought I would be single at the age of 26. Anyway I am looking to move away from my current state and I was thinking of just moving to Houston Texas. I am not being taken seriously because I am not in the state.

Do you think I should move to that state without my job or wait?

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