Preparing To Say Goodbye

tumblr_static_a366if6zrogk00gkws8g08ws8have you ever been in a situation,
where you know something is ending or change is coming,
but it doesn’t really hit you until it’s coming?
you can talk all day about wanting to move out your forest,
but as soon as the week or day before,
you suddenly start getting sad and feeling regret.
well welcome to that magical place called “the comfort zone”.
it’s a place where you can feel happiness or content,
but feel attached to what you are use to.
so my entire department was pulled into a big meeting today…

we were all called to discuss the move.
well it seems this move has been pushed up.
two weeks.
maybe sooner.
we already got assigned boxes and labels for whats staying and going.
the part that makes me vex is i actually loved the area i was at.
it was in the heart of the city.
now i’m going to west bum fuck without a clothing store in sight.

tumblr_mlw877lVjo1r69l1fo3_250i also hate none of the job interviews called me back.
a part of me was hoping i could have thrown up the duecez.

in the midst of looking at the floor plan,
i noticed some of the departments won’t be in this new building.

work wolf is not moving with us

his team is actually going somewhere else.
he is leaving way after i leave and will still be in the area.

8Lewuuai know this may sound stupid to say,
but i suddenly felt sad.
we don’t speak anymore but i guess the reality hit me today.
the reality is that i won’t see him anymore.
i guess my comfort zone was use to being in his radar.
the bad part is,
i should be really saying he won’t be in mine.
i should be glad to be rid of him,
but another part of me is in my feelz for some odd reason.

i take full responsibility for my emotions today

i actually don’t want to feel this way,
but i do.
i won’t make any apologies about it.
it’s life.
my life.
 i hate that i made my life too comfortable around his.
one that has been dismissed a long time ago.

Am i stupid?

tumblr_neu167Hn561rza7p3o1_400i must be.

low-key: well i hope to meet new like minded animals,
wolves especially,
and bring some new meat into my life.
i always look forward to that.

5 thoughts on “Preparing To Say Goodbye

  1. Bruh! I *feel* you…the Nigerian with the Ibaka body, wide smile and beautiful eyes at work bet not leave, and I ain’t leaving without ’em. Umma need a plan for the wife and daughter, though; I don’t want the whole set, just the main piece, LOLOL….You never know what’s waiting for you ova dere, tho. There’s nothing you can do about your feelings for work wolf other than feel them and let it do what it do. You may always feel a certain way about him, but the intensity will fade. Keep pushing.

  2. I’m with Mikey on this: Blessing in disguise!
    It’s time to close this chapter, too bad about the jobs, keep looking, stay on it! You will find one eventually! This is the perfect time to get yourself out there. You now know that there is nothing to hold on to.

  3. I agree with Mikey, embrace the change, it may lead to an amazing opportunity. In the meantime while you’re waiting on a call back from the interviews, continue to get your résumé out there. Don’t stop now, and as far as WW. Middle fingers up, tell him boy bye, we are strong, fearless, and taking our power back, TO-DAY!!

  4. So I will celebrate for you since you can’t right now. As Harriet Tubman is reported to have said: ” If you want change in your life and there is the promise of a storm, walk into it.” Change is good when the present situation isn’t optimizing your joy. A change of setting offers the possibility of the changes. ” Forgetting those things which are behind, press forward….”

  5. It’s nothing to feel stupid about even though you have moved on from him, with him still being in your workspace i’m sure there were times where you see would see him it will bring up some kind of emotion. This is probably a blessing in disguise ( those can be hard to see). The way I see it, it’s a “out of sight out of mind” kind of thing. You’ve already let go of the relationship you guys had now you just need him to no longer be in your presence for the completeness.

    Try to treat this move positive who knows who you meet at the new building.

    P.S. Try not to stress out about the interviews just know you’re in the process of putting your best foot forward.

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