my faith in humanity has been restored (i hope it is for you too)

you never know whose lives you touch on a daily basis.
we get up,
get dressed,
and walk out the door to face these forests,
but you never know who secretly admires or depends on you.
other folks have impacted me in many ways,
but i never thought i was that impactful.
well i learned my impact quite recently and honestly,
my faith in humanity has been restored…

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you might want to think twice fuckin that dude at work!

so i just took a break from a long work assignment.
i know.

“work on a weekend?
how dare they?”

i have 10 days to finish it.
i could have done it at the office,
but i want it done now.
i don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods but…

New Yawk has been implementing serious “sexual harassment workplace laws”

this means employers are cracking down on any bad behavior.
my training course for my job lays it all out and i’m learning a lot.
it’s rather interesting,
but i came to a conclusion about something

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the delicate dance with your coworkers

i’ll never forget the day i walked into a job and it was so uncomfortable.
it was on some serious high school shit.
it happened 3 years ago and i learned quick that it’s easy for folks to switch up.
all it took was the words of one person to change many opinions.
it got so bad that someone wanted to fight me too.
some of these folks i stood up for too.

All it took was one person

this is what can happen with coworkers

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another one bites the dust (job)

 another person quit today.
another amazing and talented person.
i felt sad because i’ve only known them a few weeks,
but they were so fuckin’ dope.
so i’ve only been there a few months,
but it’s a legit revolving door

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dreams of getting up outta here

“my boss got on my last nerves today…”

my boss always gets on my nerves so what’s new?

“uh oh,
what she do now?
tell daddy all about it.”

he knows i love that “daddy” shit…

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the beautiful ones don’t see themselves, every time

there is a beautiful black vixen at my job.

melanin magic
clear skin

it was her birthday today and i sat in for the festivities.
i don’t know her that well,
but i’m pretty familiar with her.
when i first saw her,
i thought she was stunning.
as i listened to all of the lives she touched in that room,
one common theme stood out…

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