my faith in humanity has been restored (i hope it is for you too)

you never know whose lives you touch on a daily basis.
we get up,
get dressed,
and walk out the door to face these forests,
but you never know who secretly admires or depends on you.
other folks have impacted me in many ways,
but i never thought i was that impactful.
well i learned my impact quite recently and honestly,
my faith in humanity has been restored…

so around this time last night,
i was bawling.
my ex co-workers threw me a going away bash and i was the guest of honor.
this was the flyer that was made for me:

(i took out some stuff from the invite.)
as you know,
i was discarded by my ex-she jackal of a boss in the worst way.
that sociopath didn’t allow me to say goodbye to those i worked closely with.
when i got to the venue,
almost all the office was there.
they cheered as soon as i walked in the door.
once i greeted everyone,
they spoke so highly of me and everything i did.
they truly miss me in that office.
once i got settled,
they handed me two envelopes.

1) one i knew was from the president’s assistant since she called me earlier that day.
in between her crying,
she told me she put a metro card and a 100 dollar gift card for me.

2) the second envelope was much heavier.
the entire room was excited for me to open it.
when i did,
it was a card signed with no more room with well wishes.
they had to move onto post-it notes:

inside the card saw a thick stack of money.
i said to myself:


i only have 67 dollars in my account and i out of groceries.
i get my last check this week,
but i was waiting for unemployment to be approved.


The entire office chipped in and raised 1,017 dollars for me

you read right.

ya’ll i was so overwhelmed with love that i couldn’t take it anymore.
to have folks recognize your worth,
fight for you,
and help you get back on your feet.
that is pure love and i’m forever grateful.
when i figure out how,
i’m going to make sure that i give back to them.
even though i was there for 7 months,
we all became like family.
no good deeds ever goes unnoticed with me.
it is less about me and more about them.
this truly shows their characters.
they have gone to bat and rallied for me.
i want to thank them for everything they did for this wounded fox.
if they good with me,
they’re good with the foxhole.

low-key: most printed out pictures of me from last night and have it on their desks.
i am always with them.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “my faith in humanity has been restored (i hope it is for you too)”

  1. That’s dope! I’m currently in a similar financial situation. Rent check just got returned from the bank, so I know how it feels to struggle and the depression and anxiety that comes with it. Do you think they heard your podcast?

    1. ^omg i hope things get better for you hardroc!
      you know i know exactly what you’re feeling/going through.

      they have been checking in on me so they know whats on.
      if they did hear the podcast,
      that’s even better.

  2. That was really nice and sweet for them all to show up for you and pour out so much love and needed funds. What a blessing!

  3. So beautiful! I’m so happy they affirmed you, Jamari. It was that company’s loss (& may karma bite that she-jackal hard in her ass!

  4. Now you know that YOU are NOT the problem. I hope this is something you look back on whenever you start to doubt yourself! What a blessing.

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