my faith in humanity has been restored (i hope it is for you too)

you never know whose lives you touch on a daily basis.
we get up,
get dressed,
and walk out the door to face these forests,
but you never know who secretly admires or depends on you.
other folks have impacted me in many ways,
but i never thought i was that impactful.
well i learned my impact quite recently and honestly,
my faith in humanity has been restored…

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When The Foxhole Gifts Me Nice Things!

the blessings just keep coming through…
as you know,
there are a lot of foxholers reading my blog.
i’m always shocked who supports me in the shadows.
i’m always appreciative of anything i’m given as well.
i was gifted something pretty exciting…

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“The Best Relationship Advice I’ve Ever Heard!”


as you know i am single.
by choice.
i decided to work on me 110%.
i want to learn to know what the love of myself feels like.
i was just saying to myself i don’t think i’ve ever loved me.
i’ve been chasing others to love me for me.
that’s some deep shit.
i know.
well one of the foxholers sent me the following video.
it’s titled:

“the best relationship advice i’ve ever heard!”

i couldn’t help but agree
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The Fine Wolf With The Story

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 5.41.52 PMeveryone has a story.
every last one of us.
we look at people we are attracted to and think:


…but once you get to know them,
you will see they are struggling/have struggled with something.
the sad part is people won’t even talk to us once they find out our story.
well one if my f-bi sent me this story.
its the perfect sunday story for those who need a testimony.
everyone meet “fit4duty_”
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