When The Foxhole Gifts Me Nice Things!

the blessings just keep coming through…
as you know,
there are a lot of foxholers reading my blog.
i’m always shocked who supports me in the shadows.
i’m always appreciative of anything i’m given as well.
i was gifted something pretty exciting…

2 tickets to the “lionel richie/mariah carey” concert at msg.

good seats too.
when i saw the tickets,
i nearly screamed at work.
i like when i get stuff like this.
it makes me feel like a real blogger.
either way:


i’m not too familiar with lionel richie,
but mariah is one of my favorites.
i hope she doesn’t disappoint.
i’d definitely like more of this please!
i love going to concerts and basketball games.
one of my dreams is to sit court side at msg.
speaking of…
those who hit me up in emails…


i’m not jumping through hoops tryna guess if i’m talking to you.
it doesn’t make me feel comfortable,
like at all.
i’ve been writing on the foxhole 8 years now.
unlike the rest,
i won’t be outing anyone to climb off the back of their stardom.
i’m good.
you know who you are with this too.
it’s annoying af.
stop it now and thanks!

low-key: i don’t get why i get the “coded” language,
but the hyenas and jackals who are messy af get the full reveal.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When The Foxhole Gifts Me Nice Things!”

  1. Lionel should be REALLY good, but Mariah…I’d pass.
    Saw her years ago before her Glitter album and susequent mental brekadown, and THAT was hands down one of the most BORING concerts I ever went to. I wanted my money back. She was acting like she was too good to sing, posing on stage and shyt. I was like yo this ain’t a video shoot, people paid good money to hear your ass sing, not try to look cute. UGH! LOL

    1. ^ya know,
      i’m actually interested in this train wreck that is mariah now.
      i don’t have high hopes,
      but i hope she at least sings…
      something live and sounds decent.

  2. What do you mean by “coded shit,” Jamari? I don’t want to assume, so I’m asking. I think you mean a person claiming to be Celebrity X but not confirming that they are Celebrity X, correct? If so, that’s for the birds. Hell, I’ve spilled so much tea (with receipts included) about attentionistos in your inbox, that you could really have a field day if you wanted too yet you keep it above board. I respect that about you.

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