Is Jesse Williams Smashin’ The “Woke” Out Of Minka Kelly?

you know he is hittin’ it right.
i didn’t take him for one to have good pipe,
but it seems he is giving minka kelly the best hotep pipe ever.
pipe gotta be so good,
it got her writing paragraphs to her fellow whites on her instagram.
a vix-bi alerted me on what she posted…

i’m only writing paragraphs if the pipe is making me hit high notes.
2 good rounds,
a hard orgasm,
and then a lecture on “the miseducation of the negro”.

that reads like some good pillow talk.
that or jesse took her phone.
even though she is “the scandalous tramp” in this jesse williams scandal,
she didn’t font anything wrong.
judging from her ig,
she has had a little “activism” in her.
i guess jesse had to put it in deep to unlock her full potential.
that does happen when you like someone.
not just fuckin,
but when you really feeling them.
you start becoming like them,
in a sense.
oh and jesse is all out of fucks now.
this is them after another alleged outing:

he might vibe better with this one than his ex wife.
even though his image is on life support,
it’s good to see he has a warm place to stay!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Is Jesse Williams Smashin’ The “Woke” Out Of Minka Kelly?”

  1. Ya’ll can have him. Never appealed to me.
    I always thought Minka would be the one Derek Jeter wifed up. I always thought she was pretty.

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