The Snack That Is Tremaine Neverson

tremaine aldon “trey songz” neverson could have all of me.
do you read me?
when he uploaded this picture on his insta-snap the other day…

…i nearly lost it.
i think i peeped it at work too.
i don’t care what anyone says about him.
i don’t care why they don’t like him.
idc idc.
i still see my tremaine as a whole snack

…and i want to devour that whole snack.
in my mouth.

lowkey: he is the only r&b wolf who turns me on heavy.
his arrogance makes me want to turn him out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Snack That Is Tremaine Neverson”

  1. Trey could get it! I have also been finding myself really attracted to Luke James. Those are the R&B guys that get me going.

    1. ^luke james singing “my my my” at the bet awards>>>

      i met him!
      he is really nice!!
      he was at an event i was at.
      this is before he had a first single and was in new yawk.
      he was just getting buzz.

      it was the same event i saw bk brandon’s sexy mountain ass.

  2. Trey has been my crush since he came on the scene. I’m not usually into slim men, but he has IT and I want IT.

  3. He has this simple at ease sexiness about him. I would love to smash his slim ass.
    Also in regards to Luke James check out the cover he does of Sam Smith “Stay with me” you thought “my my my” was something this will really turn you on

  4. At first I always wondered what was everyone raving over Ezekiel Elliot for..I recently started to like him more though. He’s a nice chocolate looking man indeed..even better naked.

  5. I honestly can’t name a current or recent R&B singer or Hip-Hop artist that I find remotely attractive.
    I don’t find Trey Songz attractive, nor Drake. The current crop of artists today just look dirty and unattractive.

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