dl males are much bolder these days than they ever were before.
long gone are being a total enigma about your cravings for gay shit.
when i first got into this shit,
i was taught you have to pay EXTRA attention to certain signs,
especially in public places.

A stranger giving you a head nod on the train
Random staring you down as you are walking down the street
“I wanted to know where you got your jeans from?” said guy named “?”

don’t even get me started on the ones with their WAGS.
they’d sneak off to the bathroom just to get your number.
gay gen z should be bowing down to millenials.
before this social media shit,
we paved the way in that lane.
it’s pretty easy nowadays…

Have a cute ig,
some kind of clout (followers or some career),
and you can get that sexy “straight” male out of his jeans and on your bedroom floor.

the ones who are “straight” in public but…
a foxhole sent me a tip of a ny party promoter who allegedly got caught up.
he couldn’t even contain his alleged dl cravings outside his own crib…

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the “un-jabbed” might need to build a colony in central park

i feel like life is about to be on some “the walking dead” shit.
we already got 125th and lex looking like they shooting a zombie takeover scene.
i mean having various colonies and segregated areas.

“Un-Jabbed Only!”
“Un-Vaccinated Not Welcome!”

…and those are on the t-shirts in the welcome packets.

i have many un-jabbed friends who are planning on leaving new yawk.
ever since they announced the mandates,
they have felt personally singled out by these new rules.
even though i got my first jab,
i don’t even blame them.

It isn’t fun when you’re treated like an outcast by society.

to get everyone on the same page,
this is where folks can’t go if they haven’t been jabbed.
it is called “key to nyc” pass,
which doesn’t make it sound too “nah nah nee boo boo”

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he stalked him and outed me (a double whammy)

after that joel green story yesterday,
i never realized just how deep stalking actually went for some.
i’ve snooped around on a few social media profiles in my past.
i’ve gathered intel that ultimately turned me off from the wolf of my desires.
you’ll be amazed just how corny or obnoxious some of our fantasies actually are.
years ago,
i knew a jackal who actually low-key outed me at a party that was a super stalker.
i may have mentioned him on the foxhole before…

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when the penis is nice and big on the show, you might have to hop on it in real life too (it’s sex/life)

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

picture this:

You are an actor in a show.
You meet your love interest and he is fuckin’ fione.
The movie requires you both to have some intense sex scenes.
You realize the real-life sex might be as good as the show sex.
Guess what happens after reenacting a scene in your trailer from 11pm to 3am?

i mean,
some of us fuck our co-workers for less.
that is how it seems sarah shahi met her australian co-star,

adam demos,
on netflix’s “sex/life“.


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judging from this scene in the show…

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accountability | may 17th – 23rd

i’m still tweaking how i’m gonna do this,
but i know it made me feel good when i did it last week.
i’m def gonna keep up with it.
i know it helps the foxholers stay on top of me and even themselves.
i stan a good accountability partner.
for this past week…

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i didn’t get in with stanford (and now i have to watch someone else get accepted)

imagine that you wanted to get into stanford.
from your gpa and transcripts,
there is nothing that says you can’t get into that college.
you went on a college tour and you liked everything about it.
not only that,
it would look good for future jobs and careers.
so you send in your application and you wait.
you get a response back and…

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