dl males are much bolder these days than they ever were before.
long gone are being a total enigma about your cravings for gay shit.
when i first got into this shit,
i was taught you have to pay EXTRA attention to certain signs,
especially in public places.

A stranger giving you a head nod on the train
Random staring you down as you are walking down the street
“I wanted to know where you got your jeans from?” said guy named “?”

don’t even get me started on the ones with their WAGS.
they’d sneak off to the bathroom just to get your number.
gay gen z should be bowing down to millenials.
before this social media shit,
we paved the way in that lane.
it’s pretty easy nowadays…

Have a cute ig,
some kind of clout (followers or some career),
and you can get that sexy “straight” male out of his jeans and on your bedroom floor.

the ones who are “straight” in public but…
a foxhole sent me a tip of a ny party promoter who allegedly got caught up.
he couldn’t even contain his alleged dl cravings outside his own crib…

…as his baby mama with kid pulled up on him at 2 pm.

what is she saying?
any of the spanish foxhole can translate?
can we talk about him rolling out his jeep tho?
is he high too
i’ll be 100 with chuuuuuuuu:

That is some real scallywag behavior on both sides

No hotel rooms could be bought?
No around the corners could be acquired?
No “lets do this around 11 pm to 3 am”?

jackal in the passenger seat is probably confused af,
but the way these modern-day scallywags move,
he probably felt like a real bold ass “someone” at that moment.
shame has clearly left the building in this decade.

so yeah foxhole…
some males are super dl to the point of annoyance.
an anonymous mouth attached to a glory hole will never go out of style.

( x the hole that takes dl males to glory )
( x or deep in basements with a savage peen sucker )
( x and that savage peen sucker was baggin’ out here )
…but a majority don’t really try to hide being sneaky about being dl.
it’s pretty easy to get the type of penis you desire.

It’s not DL anymore.
It’s called “Vibes“.

…and if you’re the right vibe,
you can bag the best of them.

lowkey: i feel like the way the forests are going,
no one really cares like back in the 90s.
…or maybe i don’t care?

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11 thoughts on “DL MALES AIN’T REALLY DL ANYMORE IN 2022?

  1. As a black man who proudly identifies as a gay conservative. Reading your hedonistic posts like this make me so happy that the world (and government) is turning its back on the wildly eccentric left and bringing back traditional conservative values. The government is coming after LGBT rights next. And we can blame the many gays like you and your followers who will contribute to the demise of a movement that many people died for back in 1959. Some of us want to be seen as individuals. Not gay trash. Separate and NOT equal. We can thank people like you for that. Hell even my hood older brothers are considering voting Republican in the next election because this is all getting out of hand.

    1. Girl, get educated first. It wasn’t “1959,” it was 1969, i.e. the Stonewall Riots, that you’re struggling to refer to. You sound incoherent, though, and a total troll, so really, just crawl back into your hole before you come on a site like this and start spewing nonsense about LGBTQ people and the mythical “left” that you right-wing people are obsessed with. Do you realize the “Republican” Party you and your “older brothers” support wants to strip you of all you rights, as a “black man” and as a “gay person,” and wipe you off the face of the earth? Anyways, conservative or not, learn a little gay history before you start trying to recite it and preach to others.

  2. Well first off y’all can pretend all you want but the average woman isn’t going to be ok with her husband or boyfriend fucking men behind her back… she’d curse him and throw shit if it were a woman, too.

    Furthermore, he was in front of their house and their daughter isn’t enough to be independent so she Had to come with her

    Lastly, he’s a promoter uptown and if you know about upper Manhattan and the Bronx, you know many of them know eachother and are related or old family friends in the neighborhood

    How would you feel if your daughters father has a sloppy reputation and gettting head in the car in front of the house? I saw a pic of the baby mom dressed up and she looks like a bottle girl / waitress so she probably has clout too and it’s just a messy situation

    But the drug dealers and straight men uptown aren’t as outwardly homophobic I’d say as West Indian men from bk or elsewhere they laugh joke and even dance and play like it’s a joke … I’ve known a few to proposition myself or my friends or ask to see my friends phone and go through his pictures and joke about the number of dicks on his phone. dominicans are a curious bunch

    1. It’s not about her not being angry, it’s about her posting it to sm. We all ‘smh’ and talk about how ppl need to stop posting everything to sm, every other day, on every other article. There’s nothing different about not taking your family/relationship issues to sm court, just because her man is in the car w another dude.

    2. The kid didn’t have to go with her, because she didn’t have to go outside. There were other options she had. Like call or text saying, “I see you and I know what you are doing right now” .
      I still don’t condone going outside and and embarrassing yourself.

  3. Yea. She said maricon, which means f^g. My friend showed me this, and I guess I zoned out part way thru the clip, because I thought she was cussing him out for drunk driving while he couldn’t even stand up and was laid out on them nasty ass nyc streets. Didn’t even pay attention to the words, the friend in the car, or his damn belt being unbuckled. Smh

    I think, in general, that it might just be that now that we have language of sexuality being a spectrum, and more ppl see more ppl who look and act more like them than the 1 dimensional images of what gay meant even just 10 yrs ago, ppl are willing to take more chances.

  4. I feel bad for her, being cheated on isn’t fun. But I have to shake my head to making a huge scene, and with their crying child on her hip. She made herself look a fool, and probably did some emotional damage to her child as well.
    Neither husband or wife were thinking.

    1. That part. I started to say something about that specifically (as if this isn’t THEIR collective biz that she’s exposing to the whole block AND the world) but hoodrats are gonna hoodrat.

  5. Somebody translated it on the original page, she called him trifling and disgusting. A bunch of other stuff too.

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