Naked Underwear/Bob Metelus

saturday evening confessions.
i got no shame since we are family here.
when i was a kid in barbados,
i had to be around 8,
i was exploring and found my mother’s ( x kadooment day ) outfit.
it was this pink gown-like situation.
i put it on while my grandmother was sleeping.
i went into her backyard and twirled around with my dog.
i never did it again but for that moment,
i was doing something i wasn’t supposed to be doing as a young boy.

A young and sexually confused boy.

retired nba baller wolf,
dwyane wade,
admitted that he used to wear his sister’s clothes as a young boy…

… which is very interesting to me.
from what i’ve witnessed,
dwyane has been on the “sus” list for many of ya’ll.
in my head,
why do i feel he is allegedly living vicariously through his new daughter?
i could be wrong but it’s something i’ve pondered on the lowest of lows.
if dwayne ever revealed he was bisexual

I would not be shocked.

…and that’s perfectly fine.
he strikes me as a freak tho.
if gabby likes it then i loves it.

seriously tho,
not all males who have done sus shit as kids are gay or bi tho.
some were sexually confused; some were simply exploring.
i’m not fonting that dwyane is anything but straight,
but there are many straight cross-dessers out there.
look at caitlyn jenner.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. I think a lot of ppl are glossing over the whole ‘kid’ part of the story. Kids are often followers, and it wouldn’t surprise me if his point was that he followed behind his sisters (fitting in) and that it didn’t lead to him being a house mother.

    Yall know how many men in yalls fams are soo hellbent on treating their 5 year old BOYS like ‘men’ before they can even tie their own damn shoes.

    1. Thank you ! Thank You! Thank You!…This proves nothing new in regards to Mr Wade. Do you know how many “Non-Gay ” men have worn ,experimented or simply enjoy wearing women clothes. I listened to a lot of the interview and he comes across as very insightful on a broad range of subjects including his daughter .

      We are so rigid in our thinking of sexuality .

      People are gonna be so shocked when they finally see God. He /She is going to straighten a lot of people out!!!! ( Wink)

  2. I think he was experimenting like most kids did when they were little. I never did that, but to each their own. I have never thought he was suspect though, but it will never be safe for him if he was bisexual. When people accuse you, your pride can get in the way. Why give people the satisfaction of being right?

  3. I admire him for being so transparent. There are many others like him but wouldn’t dare to reveal things they may have done in the past.

    1. I do as well. His mindset is very refreshing in a toxic masculinity and misogyny world that we live in. A man should be able to admit that without shame and judgment. We all played dressed up or mocked some lady we knew from church, school or the hood. None of that makes you gay, just human. I just feel like inherently everyone is on the spectrum and it’s up to you and your experiences and desires which way you land and express yourself. Whatever makes you happy as long as you aren’t harming children or animals. I wish more men would be more comfortable and secure to share. I think is gay men would be able to let down our guards be more trusting and freer if so. I feel like gay men are always reacting to what the straights allow and it shouldn’t be that way. But that’s a conversation for another day.

  4. This post is so shady and mean spirited
    I just feel like the term Suspect is bad for gay or closeted men because it gives the idea of being gay as a bad thing. Suspect of what? Also not his new daughter. Omg 😳

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