dl males are much bolder these days than they ever were before.
long gone are being a total enigma about your cravings for gay shit.
when i first got into this shit,
i was taught you have to pay EXTRA attention to certain signs,
especially in public places.

A stranger giving you a head nod on the train
Random staring you down as you are walking down the street
“I wanted to know where you got your jeans from?” said guy named “?”

don’t even get me started on the ones with their WAGS.
they’d sneak off to the bathroom just to get your number.
gay gen z should be bowing down to millenials.
before this social media shit,
we paved the way in that lane.
it’s pretty easy nowadays…

Have a cute ig,
some kind of clout (followers or some career),
and you can get that sexy “straight” male out of his jeans and on your bedroom floor.

the ones who are “straight” in public but…
a foxhole sent me a tip of a ny party promoter who allegedly got caught up.
he couldn’t even contain his alleged dl cravings outside his own crib…

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