it’s a shame all his handsomeness is going to waste…
we want that ol thing back.
we go out into these forests and realize how big and scary they are.
that is my impression of attentionisto,
andre marhold.
he realized how awful it was out here and ran right back to

jeffree star.
i can only imagine what sick and depraved shit andre had to do.
did he have jeffree top him?
did he have to say “don’t beat me so hard massuh“?
jeffree might not have let him back in without humiliation.

…or this could have all been a stunt.
maybe it’s just two narcs that are actually made for each other.

i feel like andre didn’t have much leverage to be his own boss tbh.
no one he “dated” had the clout or coins jeffree has.
jeffree has connections but…

Is Andre really a star outside of Onlyfans tho?

…an onlyfans that has dwindled in the hype too.
we saw him jerk,
smash himself,
and feed into his own hype when he got fame.
what’s left else to do?
many of these attentionistos need their sugar daddies/mamas.
this is what happens when one chooses to be a poor unfortunate soul.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Like the scarecrow, he doesn’t have a brain of his own…don’t know how to be a boss and keep his little “what is left of his fame” name out there. He has to go back to the racist crypt keeper to try to get his flame lit again, which won’t happen again…

  2. I’m low-key sad reading that He went back. I just feel he’s not that intelligent upstairs but I also feel Jeffree coerced him into coming back. I hope this ends well 😔

  3. Oh this won’t last. This is a Mercury Retrograde situationship. Retrogrades in particular Mercury ones, bring back exes or old previous flings! So by the time when the retrograde is over, they’ll be back “broken up” again!

  4. Why not get an education, degree, life long skills instead of going thru life manipulating, using , lying, scheming ,scamming. That’s got to be a miserable life.

  5. He’s broke that’s why he went back….he can’t pay for that lease Bentley and condo by himself. The Onlyfans only probably sustaining half his bills and traveling expenses. He’s better off going on a Mona Production faking a story line for a VH1 check.

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