dl males are much bolder these days than they ever were before.
long gone are being a total enigma about your cravings for gay shit.
when i first got into this shit,
i was taught you have to pay EXTRA attention to certain signs,
especially in public places.

A stranger giving you a head nod on the train
Random staring you down as you are walking down the street
“I wanted to know where you got your jeans from?” said guy named “?”

don’t even get me started on the ones with their WAGS.
they’d sneak off to the bathroom just to get your number.
gay gen z should be bowing down to millenials.
before this social media shit,
we paved the way in that lane.
it’s pretty easy nowadays…

Have a cute ig,
some kind of clout (followers or some career),
and you can get that sexy “straight” male out of his jeans and on your bedroom floor.

the ones who are “straight” in public but…
a foxhole sent me a tip of a ny party promoter who allegedly got caught up.
he couldn’t even contain his alleged dl cravings outside his own crib…

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i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (107)

i’m so glad i’m gay.
i’m glad gay males can’t get pregnant.
as much raw sex as we love to have,
many of us should have a shit ton of kids.


that testosterone in those battles <
black straights love having kids in these weird & fucked up situations.
ya know,
like this one

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“Bro, do not play with these women bro”

don’t play with some of these women out here bro.
thats what we gotta tell some of these cheating straights.
everyone has a limit.
some people can walk away; others will kill you.
you don’t know how far someone is mentally before they snap.
i was sent a really disturbing video from one of the foxholers today.

It is very graphic.

a she-jackal was fed up for 18 years with some dude she was with.
she decided to allegedly run him over with her car,
but what she did while he was allegedly laying on the floor.
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this gives a new meaning to “ride or die chick”

i’ve seen some “ima destroy your shit because you cheated” videos,
but not to this extent.
^so she is allegedly mad because her jackal was cheating.
that is the description from the video.
well a foxholer sent me what she did

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these are the type of white folks you don’t play around with

i saw this video on my twitter timeline and i watched it like 10 times.
i saw something different each time.
it’s a white she-jackal upset that someone nearly hit her kids with their car.
that face,
along with the many other faces,
was the response to what happened…

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in another day of “expose the racist”, charles geier is #toothlessthomas

put ^that away sir.
let’s put your racist ways and trump supporting out there instead.
i don’t understand why racist jackals and hyenas won’t be found.
the internet loves a witch hunt and public shaming.
if the foxhole can find a social media of a fine or problematic wolf for me,
what makes MAGA think they won’t get exposed by the world?
well i saw this video of him harassing janet espejel and had to smh:



the way he is saying “bitch”
he sounds like one of those mean snow vixens in a 90s teen movie.

he gonna says she needs a gay friend to help with her make up and clothes.
how can you be gay,
dent in the car,
and also be part of MAGA?
sounds like karma for being on the wrong team.
it didn’t take long to find out who he is…
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