“Bro, do not play with these women bro”

don’t play with some of these women out here bro.
thats what we gotta tell some of these cheating straights.
everyone has a limit.
some people can walk away; others will kill you.
you don’t know how far someone is mentally before they snap.
i was sent a really disturbing video from one of the foxholers today.

It is very graphic.

a she-jackal was fed up for 18 years with some dude she was with.
she decided to allegedly run him over with her car,
but what she did while he was allegedly laying on the floor.

when i tell you i shrieked out loud when she hit him with that bumper!!!

here is her mug shot:

this is definitely a woman who was fed tf up.
the title should read

Do not play with PEOPLE

male or female,
gay or straight,
you can’t be out here playing with folks and their emotions.
i’m sure her adrenaline was all the way turnt,
but i know she is gonna regret that shit once reality sets in.
it’s never worth it.

lowkey: i hope i’m never with someone to the point i’m driven crazy.

read more about it: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on ““Bro, do not play with these women bro””

  1. Man, she could have done things differently and I know temper can go to a extreme high. I know a guy that has cheated, abused and scammed his spouse to the point other family members got into their feelings and I don’t blame them because wrong is wrong. If only she went through the proper channels of revenge of divorce or even had his ass deported with ICE to escort. This type of shit keeps me glued on BestGore.

      1. Yes, blood, decapitation, suicidal jumps, no filters and uncut sometimes literally! For a minute, I though she was going to give him another run down. She should have called tyrone to do the dirty work.

        1. yikes, that’s not good for your mental health to watch. those are real people you are watching. it’s gives me goosebumps just thinking about those things.

    1. ^woman kills man who i guess she was in a relationship with.
      she ran him over so hard the bumper to car came off.
      cursing his dead body out and then takes the bumper and hits his dead body with it.

      1. He’s not dead. As of Friday morning he was critical but still alive. I pray he makes it through. People can do some straight up evil things, and I’ve had some life threatening things done to me, but I never wish death on anyone.

        1. So silly, i just saw them lay sheet on his body yet no one check for vitals. That man is still alive, “What is this a Tyler Perry production”? LMAO

  2. Violence is never the answer,……….. HOWEVER, I was destroyed!!!!!!!! when my younger self was cheated on..

    You snap and can do things you normally wouldn’t.

    ( anyone whose heart was Truly broken and undeserving by a lovers swerve can agree!!!

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