so everyone has WAP right now because of this video (cardi b x megan thee stallion)

when i saw this picture,
i thought it was gonna be a hair collab tbh.
cardi b hasn’t pushed out anything in a minute.
megan thee stallion just released something so i thought she was on bed rest.
it’s a collab between them for “wap (wet ass [pussy)“.
they debuted thee song and video today.

is it me…

Was this just cute?

the song is cool,
the verses from cardi and meg were solid,
but this video was not the hype i was expecting.
everyone was gassed.
i was legit expecting some legit porn.

this was just “cute” to me.
twerk” was more of a “dick hard“:

…and then what was this about?

they stopped the whole song for kylie to do a hoe stroll?
so i had to ask the foxhole…

What were your thoughts on WAP?

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17 thoughts on “so everyone has WAP right now because of this video (cardi b x megan thee stallion)”

  1. I thought the song was decent and music video was really good I expected it to be overly sexual, cardi and meg looked good as hell too

    1. ^the way folks are talking,
      they made it seem overly sexual af.
      i was expecting some porn shit so when i saw it,
      i was like โ€œoh…. ok… cute.โ€

      1. Yeah and another thing IDK if it’s the makeup or what but Cardi haven’t been looking like herself, I remember seeing her on Love and Hip Hop and she was genuinely a cute girl, dont get me wrong she’s far from unattractive but she just look different to me

        1. She got her face done thats why she was wearing the mask at her best friends baby shower in jan

          Her jawline nose and eye shape is dif

  2. The video was cute and meghan rode the beat to me nicer than cardi … i think it lacked something maybe the beat more uptempo or something…. but the uncensored version sounds better and when u hear it on the speaker or headphones with the bass on. I felt like it feat kylie cause she has alot of followers so why not use her to get more views stream with her massive following… at the end of the day I find it was okay

  3. Song is hot and the video is too . With all the “Social Distancing “protocols in place the concept was rather Amazing!

    “Hence”..the separate rooms and the solos, Kylie walking down a empty hall , Normandie in a room by herself. Computer generated animals .All very ‘”6 Feet ” distance friendly . Ha ha ha

    Though Cardi and Meg got their “Lesbian” on( both must have been tested).

    1. ^ yeah i didnโ€™t get that black lol

      i really expected something else by all the pearl clutching i saw before i watched the video.
      i thought i may have watched an edited one ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. So…Kylie got Megan shot in the foot and they couldn’t edit her out of the video? I guess Megan and Cardi are just business associates.

  5. Am I the only one who finds this song hilarious? I mean don’t get wrong they flow is great especially Megan but I was cracking up. Video is what I thought it would be. Didn’t expect Normani tho, so that was a nice surprise. I didn’t even know who the other girl was til i saw the comments.

  6. I’m so sick of y’all stans gassing this track up. This song was a W.A.P. (Wack Ass Production)!!!

    The cameos were beyond senseless and, quite frankly, were unnecessary and distracting. Like, Normani…your ass should be in the recording studio working on an album NOT twerking and doing splits on ANOTHER GIRL’s video. Chile, Normani’s team don’t love ha…LMFAO!!! Got this girl out here, with all her potential, looking stupid.

    And, I see a member of the Kardashian/Jenner klan has successfully gotten under y’all skin for the umpteenth time. When are y’all gonna learn to stop giving them glorified blow dolls your black ass attention??? I could never…

    1. I just found it all trite and well, boring. I was actually more interested in the features than the main girls.

  7. For some of yall that apparently were just born, artists, actors, athletes, and other famous people would make random cameos in music videos all of the time: especially on club bangers and fun songs. This has been happening for YEARS! This was concept video similar to the big budget ones from the late 90s and early 2000s. It clearly had a BAPS theme (iconic cult comedy staring Halle Berry) and it featured some of today’s “it” girls. They had a variety of scenarios and outfit changes. And the choreography was on point. What more do you want? Fucking on film? An onlyfans version? Meg and Cardi squirting at the end? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿฅด

  8. I though the song and video was fire. But am I the only one that think Megan Thee Stallion out did Cardi B in her own song. Not saying that Cardi B wasnโ€™t hot or anything!!!!

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